Protect Your AC System, Protect Your Children

Do you live in a climate that can get extremely hot in the summer? Is your climate hot and sunny most of the year? Do you have children living in your home or staying in your home part time? If you answer yes to this last question and one of the first two questions, you have two big obligations in life:

1. Protect your children from harm.

2. Keep your AC system running properly.

It’s a given that you are going to do whatever you have to do in order to protect your children from any kind of harm that could come their way. What most parents don’t realize is that keeping their air conditioning system is one of the best ways to protect children from harm.

Young children do not respond to body heat the same way healthy adults do. They are more likely to suffer from heat stroke and other types of medical problems as a result of being in intense heat for long periods of time.

Children are also unable to understand the danger of overheating. They may not alert parents or guardians when they are becoming too hot because they simply don’t realize that they are in danger. This is how children often suffer from heat strokes when there is not a properly working air conditioning system in the home.

Children are unable to care for themselves and acknowledge that they are feeling bad because they are in too much heat. That’s why parents have to consider their air conditioning system as a valuable tool that protects their children.

In the News

There has been a lot of attention in the news for cases of children left in hot vehicles during the summer months or in very hot climates. Children cannot get out of the vehicle and die from the heat.

Most parents believe this could never happen to them because they would never ever leave their children in the car alone on a hot day. What these parents may not think through is that leaving a child in a home without air conditioning during these hot days could be just as dangerous.

In Your Home

The heat may be an intruder in your home that you never really think much about. The good news is you can easily beat this intrude and have the peace of mind that your children are always protected. You can make sure your air conditioning system is appropriate for your home and always in working order.

From there you must determine the best setting for your air system so your home stays cool enough without running up your electricity or gas bill. Changing the filter and having a aircon repair tech in to fix any problems and give the system a complete check up is the final key to keeping everything running properly. You should ideally do this in the spring if your climate has a clear hot season.

It may seem overly dramatic to protect your AC as if it could save a child’s life, but if you have smaller children in your home it really could save a life! Your AC system is a partner for parents concerned with keeping their children safe from all evils of the world.