4 Things to look for in an aircon servicing Singapore Company

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Are you looking for an airon servicing Singapore company that is reliable a trustable? Is your aircon not cold or the aircon is leaking water?

Here are 4 things you would need to consider when engaging a new aircon service company in Singapore.

1) How long have the company in Operation?

It is important to know that the longer service aircon servicing company in Singapore, generally the better it will be, check their reviews online in Facebook and Google reviews, it will be good to look at aircon companies that are having at least 50 positive reviews within a span of the last 2 years. Pay careful attention to the negative reviews and see why the negative reviews are happening.

Of course, having said that, not saying that new aircon companies are bad, read their reviews too, go to their website and see how professional they are, if they are spending much effort in their corporate image and the design of the website, that shows something about them wanting to do something great for their businesses.

Pay special attention to companies who use a Wix, Weebly account and also using a free email such as yahoo or Hotmail, it shows they have no respect in their company branding, hence be careful of such aircon service companies.

2) Do they have a corporate video?

Yes, it is not cheap to create a corporate video and if the aircon service company is willing to invest some money in videography for their aircon services, we can be pretty sure they are here long term in the aircon business.

3) Are they doing more than Aircon Servicing Only?

Well, the market for aircon servicing in Singapore is very competitive and we need to understand that they do not make much money on the aircon servicing, at such, if they are also selling new air conditional brands such as Mitsubishi Aircon, LG, and other brands and at the same time they are also doing aircon repair services, it seems that their coverage is much better and will be able to make more money in the long term.

In short, they are more sustainable in their aircon business.

4) Get a Free Trial in the Aircon Services

Occasionally, aircon service company will provide FREE aircon services as a way to attract new customers, sometimes even as cheap as $18 a unit, with a minimum of 4 units of servicing, when you check out Google Ads, sometimes if you are lucky, you will be able to get some good aircon servicing great deals for yourself.

Alright, here are the top 4 tips to choose a good aircon service company. If you have any suggeests of tips on selecting a good aircon cleaning and servicing company, do let us know too!