Which air conditioner to buy? 

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Ask yourself these questions first

1) Do you really need an air conditioner?
This should be the first question you should be asking yourself. Many new home owners probably feel that since they are renovating their new home, they might as well install the air conditioner together. But do you have a habit or tendency to use the air conditioner? If you are currently very satisfied with just a standing fan, why should you get an air conditioner?

2) Are you willing to pay the additional electrical cost of using the air conditioner?
Some home owners upon noticing the increase in their monthly electrical bills, decide to reduce or even stop using air conditioner all together.

If you have justified your need for an air conditioning system, u may began to select your air conditioner.

1) Which area of your home do you want to be air conditioned?
This will determine the system combination.
For example,
U want to air conditioned 3 bedrooms and the living. You are likely to either get a System 4 or a System 3 + Single Split.

2) Which brand of air conditioner do you prefer?
You can ask your friends and family for recommendation, look for reviews on the internet, read through the catalogue or visit a few retail shops.

3) What kind of features are most important to you?
Do you want the most energy efficient? Or do you prefer it to be the quietest in the market? Or you want your air conditioner to function as an air purifer? Or it must be ‘Made in Japan’? Or you want to find an air conditioner design that will match your home deco? Or you just want an air conditioner?
Try to match your selected features to the available. After that, you will have to determine your TOP 3 models.

Now you can go ‘shopping’ for air conditioners.

1) Visit a few retail shops and listen to the salesperson’s sales talk. Tell them that you are considering between these 3 models and request for their advice. You can also seek their advice on the system combination, inverter or non inverter, R410A or R22 and etc. You would probably prefer to keep this first visit to just selection of models.

2) When back home or having a break, determine which model you want. Decide and proceed for the return visit.

3) This time seek clarifications on prices, installation materials, aircon installation procedures, after sales service, warranty and etc.

4) Finally decide which retail shop you are most comfortable with and make your sales confirmation. To be on the safe side, go through the details and have everything written clearly on the sales invoice.