Journey of APN Technology Partner

Members of the Amazon Partner Network can be either APN Consulting Partner or APN Technology Partner. APN Technology Partner provides technical support, software solutions that are either hosted on the Amazon Web Service or integrated with it. Just like inside Amazon Consulting Partner there is also division here onto Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), SaaS, PaaS, developer tools, management and security vendors.

While Amazon Consulting Partner can go up to becoming Premier Partner, tier for Amazon Technology Partner stops at Advanced. Journey of becoming Advanced Partner is almost the same and it as well unlocks sets of benefits. First step is of course registering and opening online APN Partner Profile. First unlocked benefits are access to APN Portal and APN Webcasts, and different online trainings and AWS Accreditations that can lead to becoming AWS Certified Partner. Registered partner also gets discounts on Discounts on Instructor-Led training, AWS Solutions Trainings for Partners and SaaS technical enablement content. Focusing on making products in General Availability on AWS and getting AWS Customers to invest in solution is slow buildup for advancing to Standard Partner.

Next step is becoming Standard Partner and that is done by paying an APN Program fee. Another requirements are minimum of one product in general availability and two AWS customers references. At this point, benefits include all already gained benefits plus allowance to use APN logo and company profile on Partner Solutions Finder. Technology Partner also are eligible for training funding, Proof of Concept funding and Sandbox Credit. AWS Service Delivery Program, Direct Connect and Public-Sector Partner Program are all unlocked. Before going for Advanced status is it important to upload company information via the Partner Portal to be showcased on the Partner Solutions Finder, leverage the AWS Business Builder to expand your AWS-based business and start Marketing company as an APN Partner with APN Marketing Central.

Final destination is being Advanced Technology Partner. Requirements for this tier are yearly APN Program Fee, certain amount AWS Billings (based on three-month average revenue) or APN Competency, six AWS customers references, AWS Partner practice plan, AWS Technical Validation and AWS Support Level. Meeting all requirements is worth it as additionally to previous benefits, Partner is now eligible for Market Development Funding, AWS-written case studies and AWS Integrated Marketing Campaigns. AWS Competency Program is also unlocked. What should be done after receiving status of Advanced Partner is work with the AWS Partner Team on Integrated Marketing Campaigns and other Partner Marketing campaigns, apply for AWS Competencies to differentiate company and most importantly continue to innovate, differentiate, mature, and grow practice on AWS by taking advantage of more APN Partner Programs, and developing new areas of expertise on AWS.

Once APN Partner has became Advanced Tier Partner it is most likely also an AWS Certified Partner. They must demonstrate that they have built a strong AWS-based business and now should continue to differentiate and stand out to AWS customers, and build a robust go-to-market strategy with AWS.

Many globally know companies have successful stories about being both AWS Certified Partners, such as Okta and TIBCO Software.

An Article written by Dougles Chan – Recruitment Business Guru for Staffing Agencies

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