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LinkedIn often regarded as a website of professionals who are associated with various occupations. The total numbers of users are one hundred and seventy-five million which are from different parts of the world. It was launched in the year 2002. Fortunately, it is available in a number of languages including English, Polay, Russian, Spanish, Malay, etc. There are more than twenty million users from the US, while nearly forty-seven million from the rest of the world. Reid Hoffman is a notable name and founder of LinkedIn.

The headquarters is situated on an outstanding place in California named as Mountain View. The year 2011 was phenomenal for the company because it had received an investment of more than one hundred million. In the same way, more than four billion searches of professional nature were reported in 2011. The total numbers of LinkedIn employees are more than two thousand. It is estimated that two new individuals come into fascinating and the professional world of LinkedIn every second. This means that aptly one million users accomplish in every ten days. Moreover, the graduates and students are rapidly becoming the part of LinkedIn.

Its total revenue is nearly five hundred twenty-two million dollars in the year 2011.  According to the ranking of most visited websites, it is at thirty-sixth number around the world. The eighty percent of LinkedIn members are usually working at the top positions of the organization.   The impressive thing about LinkedIn is that it focuses on two major aspects that play a vital role; it facilitates the user with social networking as well as help out in job search.

This greatly influences the career building of an individual. It has various options that help the users to the ultimate goal, which would be discussed in detail later on. The increasing use of LinkedIn is changing the negative views of people about social networking and they are also becoming a part of this professional website. It is evident that focused efforts and spending time over the website can certainly bring positive results. The reason is building new relationships and associations not only helpful in a professional career as well as for social life.

It has many benefits for the future business referrals. The pervasive power has persuaded the business community. Fifty percent of Fortune 100 companies have adopted the use of LinkedIn for the recruitment. It makes obvious the importance of the website for the purpose of searching for jobs and the echelon of companies using it.

It is commonly observed that members are mainly from Fortune 500 companies working at top administrative level. An interesting percentage of the user log in from their homes, which is about sixty-two percent. On the other hand, thirty-eight percent use their work locations for login.

It is apparently viewed that job seekers search for jobs from their home by building relationships and associations. In addition, small firm’s owners always look for the ways to expand their business and it is particularly the best way of connecting with people and building network.

It not only improves personal’s profile as well as benefits the business. If you are professional and you are not the member of LinkedIn, then you are missing a precious opportunity to extend your network beyond the limits of skies!

Article by Recruitment Business Guru – Dougles Chan who assisted Asiapac Distribution, who is an Amazon consulting partner n their online marketing.

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