Amazon Partner Network Certification Distinction

Amazon AWS Partner Network Certification Distinction give Amazon Consulting and Technology Partners the opportunity to showcase their AWS Certifications. APN Partners can show all active AWS Certification collectively achieved and highlight the value they bring to their customers. Recognition is gained after achieving 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 Amazon Web Services within their organization. AWS Certified Partner is recognized IT professional that has technical skills and expertise to design, deploy and operate applications and infrastructure on Amazon Web Service. AWS Certifications are well known industry-wide as a credential that shows company’s expertise in AWS cloud infrastructure and has been classified as one of the top 10 Cloud Certifications for Partners.

APN Certification Distinctions matter because, besides showcasing the amount of active AWS Certifications an APN Company has collectively achieved, it provides additional ways of highlighting the value of AWS Certification brings to customers. When organization has more AWS Certified individuals within, it means it has more AWS experts who can assist customers migrating to or optimizing use of AWS.

Achieving APN Certification Distinction is process of few steps. First step is picking an exam based on role. These roles are important for future as some are important for Amazon Consulting Partners while other for Technology Partners. AWS Certified Partners can achieve Associate and Professional certification exams whether their role is a Solutions Architect, Developer, or SysOps Administrator. Next step is registering for a Certification Exam on the APN Portal. If individuals are registering for Certification exams alone, it is important to sign in within the APN Portal so those certifications count towards the organization as a whole. Second to last step is preparation for the Amazon Web Certification Exam. Amazon allows usage of many resources for individuals to prepare for the Exam and those include exam blueprints, qwink LABS Exam Prep Quest and Practice Exams. Last step for achieving APN Certification Distinction is taking the AWS Certification Exam. Amazon Web Service Exam can be taken at a test center, if there is one in the country or city, or onsite at re:Invent. After receiving a certain threshold of Amazon Web Services, AWS Certified Partner within the organization receives Amazon Partner Network Certification Distinction logo without any necessary application. More benefits of AWS Certification are allowance to showcase achievements and further advance AWS expertise, access to the AWS Certified LinkedIn Global Community and AWS Certified Merchandise. invitations for regional Appreciation Receptions and many more

Before deciding to take on getting AWS Certification Distinction it is recommended to go through AWS Training Certification. Two types of training are offered by Amazon, Free Digital Training and Classroom training. More than 150 free digital trainings on AWS fundamentals and all of them are self-paced are available. Classroom training is for the ones that want to deepen their technical skills and learn from an accredited AWS instructor. Training is divided into four learning paths that can be chosen depending which cloud skill is desired. These paths include Cloud computing Practitioner path, Architect path, Developer path and Operations path. First two are more suitable for Amazon Consulting Partner, while latter two for Technology Partner.

An article written by Dougles Chan – Recruitment Business Guru for Recruitment Agencies

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