Basics of Bazi Analysis You Must Know

Do you know what Bazi reading is? How to calculate Bazi? Do you want to do the analysis of your Bazi Chart? Bazi is the name of astrology, and it is common among Chinese people. In other words, the Bazi is a method commonly used in China to know about the destiny of the individuals in advance. Through this method, an astrologer can diagnose the life of an individual.

With each passing day, you can see advancements in the use of Bazi calculator for ba zi life reading. Other than forecasting the life of individuals and to do bazi personality analysis, there is a use of Bazi analysis for different events, several types of products, and companies. Bazi reading has different names. Some people know it by Chinese Astrology. On the other hand, some people call it destiny analysis. Another name of Bazi reading is fortune-telling. The creator of the world writes the destiny of a person at the time of his birth. This belief is the root of the Bazi calculator.

According to Chinese astrology, when a baby is born, he carries eight characters arranged in some specific order. The configuration of this character is named Bazi of the baby. The results of Bazi calculator for bazi chart interpretation of a person does not change anytime in his life.  The eight characters make four pairs.  Each pair of characters is called a pillar. Bazi has four pillars this way. Because of this, People call Bazi the four pillars of destiny. The names of these four pillars are; hour pillar, day pillar, month destiny pillar, and yearly destiny pillar.

There are two rows, and in each row, there are four characters. In Bazi analysis, there are different computations to calculate Bazi. Based on it, you can compute more than eleven million Bazi charts to calculate Bazi. Even two persons born on the same day and time can have a different bazi personality analysis based on eight characters. Check the suitability and bazi compatibility of two person can also be checked! The chart works on the solar calendar. After computing four pillars for an individual on the Bazi chart, you can easily calculate the luck cycle of an individual.

The four pillars in the chart represent different things in the process of bazi chart interpretation. The year pillar is for your grandparents and your children. In the same way, the month pillar is for young adults and their parents. The day pillar indicates an adult in the growing age and spouse. In the end, the hour pillar gives an indication for the children and an aged adult.

So, by doing a simple bazi character analysis of the pillars of the Bazi Chart, you can know about different aspects of your life in no time. For this reason, adults are keen to perceive their Bazi calculator. For this, first, you need to have an open mind to accept your unhappy Bazi analysis. Bazi is not limited, and it covers almost every aspect of your life. You have to explore it. You cannot change your destiny after finding something you do not like about your future after bazi personality analysis. However, you can make plans for prevention and improvement. So, try this Bazi reading by generating a bazi chart and know about good and bad events in your future.