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Hello, welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia. My name is Dougles Chan. Today, I am going to talk about this particular case related to seeing a person’s career and using their Bazi to see their relationship and whether this Bazi is supposed to be good or bad for their career.

In order to see a person’s identity, what you need to do is to see the Day Stem which is represented by the symbol of Wu:

In the nine different boxes, we need to identify where the Wu is. Wu is in box 1 representing the person’s main character:

So, the person is located in box 1. Having said that, we have to notice that there is an Emptiness over here which is represented by a circle. 

And there is also a Fuyin chart. That means this person is actually very stubborn. He has his own way of thinking but he’s also a very focused person. That means when he does things, he likes to focus and concentrate. Other people may feel that he is somebody who can be very stubborn. So, Fuyin people are usually very stubborn. Having said that, we will not go too much deeper into this particular character of this person, but we would look at the career opportunity for this person.

In terms of career, we will look at this particular symbol representing by the Open Door which is in box 6:

So, box 6 will tell us all the career opportunities for him. 9Earth in Chinese is Jiu Di. 9Earth and Doctor tell us that he could be related to education, culture, or something more civilized. But this 9Earth is telling us that the opportunity is limited or maybe the industry will be limited. That means based on his stubbornness, when he focuses on something such as a job, he will always focus on the particular area and will not move to any other industry. So, the career opportunity will be quite limited in terms of the jobs. 

We also have to see the relationships of box 6 and box 1. Box 6 produces box 1 (him). Technically, the job is always coming to him. There is limited job offer but it’s always coming to him, so he doesn’t really have to work too hard to get a job.

However, we also have to see his general character:

There is BTortoise, Rest Door, and Bandit. Technically, he’s someone who is very chill, very relaxed. Maybe he’s a very fake person also because of BTortoise. Bandit means that he can do great things, but whether or not he wants to do – that’s another story. Having said that, he also belongs to the element of Wu which stands for money. That means although he is a very chill person, the opportunity provided to him in the career itself is going to come to him continuously. The money is also accumulating. He will have savings. He will have money in his life. This is something which is quite interesting for him. On the contrary, we also have to see that this Emptiness is telling us that he will have another character of box 9:

If there is no Emptiness, we will focus on box 1. But because of this emptiness, sometimes he belongs in box 1, sometimes he belongs in box 9 depending on which year. If I want to base it on the element, box 9 is Fire. Box 6 is Metal. So, he clashes with this job in certain years. Technically, there will be some variation in terms of this job opportunity. Sometimes the job comes to him, sometimes he clashes with his job. So, what does it mean when the person actually clashes with the job?

We need to understand that when the person is clashing with the job, it tells us that that person is lazy and does not like to work in specific years. So, we have to be very careful. Based on his character, in certain years, he’ll be very lazy and he doesn’t like to work. The job will come to him, but he will still be very chill. In this case, this person’s career will be up and down and limited. In certain years, he will not like the job, he will not enjoy the process of working for other people. 

This is what we can decipher based on the chart. Because of his ability to be very focused and very stubborn, he will continue to enjoy this kind of chill life and does not want to work or prefer not to work. This is the explanation based on this example of the chart for this person who was born on October 5, 1970. 

Thanks for reading.

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