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The Feng Shui Master Certificate (FSC) mission is to provide practical application of concepts formulated by the award-winning author of the well-respected text, “The Science of Floating Arts: A Guide to Mastering Feng Shui”. The course includes all the necessary materials required to start practicing as a Feng Shui master and introduces the basics of color and its relation to space, time, construction, building materials and design. With the help of the Master Certificate, one can practice as a Feng Shui master and open their private studio or even work as a Feng Shui consultant.

The next part of the Feng Shui master program concentrates on positioning and designing. The final part introduces students to the application of these principles in real-life situations. Today, many Bazi reading classes are being taught in homes, thanks to the efforts of Feng Shui experts. While many Bazi reading specialists will be willing to give you private lessons, it is up to you to search for local Bazi reading specialists. All you need is an open mind that will allow you to absorb the energy from the Bazi reading.

The primary goal of Bazi analysis is to make sure that your home is balanced in nature, meaning that everything is brought into its rightful place:

  • Good energy flows into the house.
  • The bad energy is pushed out.
  • Only the proper balance of good energy can be sustained.

One of the main questions that Bazi analysis answer is why certain things are suspicious or unfavorable in your home? For instance, if you have doors or windows facing east or west, these are considered bad Feng Shui because they block the main energy of the east and the west. Thus, a major part of Chinese astrology Bazi analysis deals with the movement of energy, known as chi, through the room or area in question. Chinese astrology Bazi analysis can also inform those interested in following their careers or choosing a career path.

There are also websites to find out about the various certifications and licenses held by Feng Shui consultant in your area.  Remember, no matter what type of Feng Shui consultant you get, it is important that you work with someone who knows their stuff inside and out. A bad planner can easily push you towards mistakes instead of allowing you to make the right moves. Therefore, make sure that the Feng Shui consultant you hire has already developed a good reputation.

Feng Shui and Calculate Bazi are two terms that refer to the ancient art of Feng Shui or the art of fortune-telling.  If you would like to know how to calculate bazi successfully, you must first understand how it works. The first part to calculate Bazi is to learn how to determine the current qi phase (or primary energy) in your chart. To calculate Bazi successfully, it is important to interpret the colors featured on the graph properly. When it comes to Chinese astrology, red represents the primary energy and blue the secondary energy.

An article by Dougles Chan, Qi Men Master Shifu

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