Best 10 Photographers In Singapore

Honestly, it’s not easy to write the article about Best 10 Photographers in Singapore. Moreover, from my point of view  I see that the article’s content is light enough and it is not really difficult to find information about. Nowadays, almost everything we need to know can be found on Google. Thanks to the Huge Penetration of Smart Phone and Internet Accessibility Development.

Try to Google about the title of this article, and you would find tons of articles writing about this-not to mention the paid ads which specifically directing to the photographers’ business website. The difficulty of writing this article lays on the research itself. I mean, when you write the keywords about this article, the first page of Google will show you the Top 10 Photographers in Singapore.

This condition can be achieved by conducting an Intensive SEO Marketing. So, any photographers with sufficient financial resource can hire The Best –highly proofen-SEO Agency and all related to this SEO campaign (such as: Fancy Content Writers, High Class Web Developer and Designer, etc) in order to put their business website on the first page of Google. In my mind, you don’t have to be really recognized as one of Top 10 Photographers in Singapore to put your website on the first page of Google. You just need to have enough money to do that. Yes, Money Talks. I realize that my personal opinion about this is controversial. Some clients of these Photographers or the Photographers themselves –whose business websites are on the first page-, might completely disagree with me.

Other difficulty of writing this article is the Photography Topics has switched over following the Up to Date Trends of Millennial Generation today. I was trying to write and search information about Best 10 Photographers in Singapore, I mean Photography in General –not only for certain or specific segmentation of Photography niche. And when I tried to Internet researching-nowadays called Googling-, I found out that most of the results was all about Wedding Photography. So, what happened to World Award Winning Photography? or Photographers -whose the pictures taken- described about the realities in real life? not to mention the Photography skills used.

Today, photography fancy gears are easily ordered through any online market place. So, anyone with enough money could purchase these gears, learning the skills from some levels of photography course and claim themselves as a Professional Photographer instantly. But, the old days Photographers achieved their skills through autodidact empirical learning process and enough experiences which took enough time.

So, their popularity was achieved through their works after some times of process, not instantly achieved. Photography courses or classes teaching photography skills to amateur or totally novice photographers were rare and difficult to find in the old days. Old days photographers can only achieve their basic photography skills from more senior photographers they worked for (could be family, like father, uncle, etc or totally stranger they work for), the rest advanced photography skills achieved from experiences, empirical learning by doing process and mentoring guru itself. But today, you can apply to one of so many choices of photography courses available to achieve any level –from basic to expert- of your photography skills. You can even learn these skills online at your comfortable home through the online lessons or courses.

Thanks again to Internet Development and all consequences following effects. Yes, once again -as I mentioned before- Money Talks. Mobile technology development also took part in developing photography world. Long time ago, it was rarely to find or even heard professional young people with photography equipments. But today, even a very young kid could easily take photos like a professional photographer by using some Sophisticated Mega Pixels Camera Phone. Based on my personal experience –my uncle’s experience actually-, old days Photographers could buy fancy photography gears only after their popularity raised up  which automatically also raised their pay rate up. But today, people buy fancy photography equipments to become a professional photographer, which is contradictory with the old day’s photographers steps of process to develop. This different circumstances between Old Days Photographers and Today Generation Photographers could be an improvement or a decline on the contrary. It’s up to any of you seeing this by using different perspectives.

Finally, I decided to write down this article based on what I found on the first page of Google, not including the paid ads. I combined the data from both direct official photographer’s business website and voting results generated by 2 online media which I found on the first page. The data are about Single Person Photographer and Photography Agencies consist of more than 2 photographers.

So, these are Best 10 Photographers in SIngapore

1. Cloud Productions SG

Official business webiste        :

Phone                                      : +65 87493850

Cloud Productions SG is a Photography Agency with wide range segmentation. Indoor, outdoor, maternity, pre-wed and wedding photography, corporate event photoshoot, product photoshoot, and some more. Not only photography service, they also provide clients with professional videography service, image editing, cropping image and branding service and some related with photography products, such as : Premium Canvas Photo, Foam Board Photo, Premium Photobook and Standard Photo Prints. There’s no information on their business website about when exactly this agency started their service for the first time, but one part of the pages stated the quality of their photographers as “Photographers with over 10 years experience”. Famous Corporate Clients list and long enough testimonial page surely show their skills and reputation and clearly convince that this agency consists of well experienced professionals. Wide range of photography service segmentation, their over 10 years experience –as well as remarkable reputation makes clients come back again.

2. The Studio Loft

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 6235 3696

The Studio Loft is an Award Winning Photography Agency consists of all women team. They are: Maryann (Managing Partner and Head Photographer), Wen Lin (Photographer), Irene (Photographer), and Valerie (Photographer). This agency only focuses to Newborn, Pregnancy (maternity) and Family Photography. For me personally, it’s quite interesting that they don’t take pre wed and wedding photography as one of their photography service where other agencies or photographer is mostly focus on it. They have been running their business for more than 11 years. Eventhough this agency consists of only women photographers, but their skills are pro. Proven by some Photography Awards won consecutively on 2015, 2016 and 2017. This women all team makes clients for Maternity Photography niche –which are mostly women only or women and their couples- feel more comfortable to work with this agency more rather than others. This team also provides clients with videography for events service.

3. Pixel Perfect Photography

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 9224 1133

This Photography Agency focuses to most segments of photography niche, including wedding photography. What makes this agency so special is the business was initially set up by a 17 years old boy (by 2103), and grew bigger and more popular. Eventhough there’s no information about award won by this agency, but client’s testimony and corporate clients list could be quite convincing to conclude that this agency is worth to hire.

4. Multifolds Photography

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : Unknown

This team focuses on wedding photography and videography, and family photography. Not really much information that I can get from their official business website. In fact, too few description can be found about this team.   

5. Mike Chen Photography

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 98458856

Mike Chen is a single man photographer. He focuses his service only to pre wed and wedding photography service –both local and overseas. Not much information than I can get from his business website, since more pictures contents inside than words. Maybe this is a photographer’s website should look like…hahaha. From client’s testimony and number of the wedding he shot, all I can say that Mike Chen is a hard working, dedicated and easy going photographer. One of client’s testimony also said that Mike is a persistent and keeping his words to clients about post photo shoot process, such as: punctuality of finishing the whole images, sending the results to clients, etc. The clients were satisfied with the result and Mike can show you this satisfied faces through his Porto folio.

6. Annabel Law Productions

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 91883728

It’s another all-women Photography Agency. What makes Annabel Law Productions different from the other Photography Agency is this agency also do animations work, like : Logo Animation, Cartoon Animation, Video Animation, etc and videography work. They also cover wide range segmentation of photography niche, like : pre wed and wedding photography –both local and overseas, maternity photography, proposal photography, news and publication coverage, and more. This team consists of Annabel Law (Founder), Mavis (Secretary), Pez (Senior Associate), Shirlene (Associate), Madeline (Editor), Hazel (Social Media Manager). Photographer, videographer and also Animator. What a powerful skills these lady have.


Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 9296 9679

Nat is a single man photographer. His focus is on pre wed and wedding photography niche, both local and overseas. One of his work achievements was represented by International Award Winning for the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photo Journalist Association (AG|WPJA). Not only photography, Nat also provides his clients with videography service. A long testimonial page surely describes his quality of personal and technical. A friendly professional photographer to hire on your wedding day.

8. Acapella Photography

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 9457 9907

Acapella Photography’s owner is Joe Teng, an Associate Master Photographer in the Wedding Photography Category. Focusing his niche to pre wed and wedding photography. Joe’s style of photography is quite unique and different with others. As written on his official business website “His pictures possess a postmodern romantic flavour, classical in its elegance and breathtakingly unique in its graphic stylistic elements. Joe welds together the technical and emotional aspects of photography – his photos are sharp and of lovely composition, whilst possessing the intangible qualities of real emotion, guaranteed to evoke feelings of joy and felicity in any viewer.

He enjoys choosing different backdrops and architecture to bring out the charisma of each couple, every background matching the personalities of the couple. What are produced is photos of artistic value but of general beauty as well, assured to please the young, the old, the artistic and the man on the street.” The integration of –both his talents of landscape photography and his unique style and inherent interest in wedding photography has awarded him the International Award Winning for the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photo Journalist Association (AG|WPJA). By becoming a member of International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP), Master Photographers Association (MPA), clearly states Joe Teng’s skill as a Photographer in general, and as a Wedding Photographer in specific niche.

9. The Galeria

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65 97935980

Brian Ho is the photographer behind the name of thegaleria. He is well known as one of the few wedding photographers in this region who still shoots in the old school analogue film. His black & white film images are perhaps his most recognizable works. Brian has been awarded the Silver Medallist for Photographer of The Year 2010 award for the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photo Journalist Association (AG|WPJA). His works has also been featured in numerous publications world-wide.

His uniqueness is on -the analog film photography he uses for the photo shoot while today most of professional photographers is using digital gears- and also the handmade photo albums that literally handmade.

10. Kent Wong Photography

Official Business Website       :

Phone                                      : +65-96229960

Kent Wong started his photography journey from street photography on 2010 until finally he turned his path and started his career as a freelancer wedding photographer on 2011. Wong focuses his photography niche to pre wed and wedding photography, and maternity & baby portraits. His sample of works obviously can show us that Wong has a sharp catching eye. He can capture not only smiles and happy faces, but also the tears of joy and happy cries.