Big Recruitment Agencies Laughed When I Wrote About The Death of Recruitment Agencies.

Many years ago, I wrote an article about The Death of Recruitment Agencies, which took the recruitment market by surprise because my statement was so harsh, and it did not make sense. Many of the big agencies were laughing and said that they were not affected by what I claimed, and they were doing very well.
Many months back, I was informed by my sources that the BIG boys had claimed that they were doing very well, expanding and making profits. Well, I do not need to argue who is right or who is wrong because there is no reason to prove who the “winner” is. All I care about is how to transfer my skills and knowledge to people who are open enough to become the elite, and help them to not fall into the trap of the Market Tumor.
From that period until now, many people have been open enough purchase the manual Financial Success in Recruitment Industry, and those people do not just come from Singapore. They come from as far away as the Middle East and the USA. Although most of the visitors to the website come from North America, I was very surprised that many of them actually bought the manuscript.
Many of the people who bought the manuscript actually talked to me–emailed me or even met me in person to tell me that they found what I have written in the manuscript to be very accurate and somewhat disturbing. They also mentioned how C-Marketing had transformed their marketing strategy so that they were able to double or triple their closing ratio within 2-3 weeks of implementation.
My sincere thanks goes to those who have used C-Marketing. It is not for everyone because only people who think out of the box will be willing to have the ultimate faith to use the C-Marketing strategy, let alone fully understand what the Market Tumor is all about!
As for the others who were still laughing, many of them are no longer laughing now, as some of them have had to close down their companies. There are MNCs who are closing their branches in Singapore, and those surviving BIG players are bleeding so badly that they have had to cut their costs, close their other branches, and let go of many consultants just to stay afloat. These are the groups who do not believe what I have written, and will eventually suffer because they are still using traditional methods of operating their business.
I would like to shout out to all those who are still living in their own DREAMS: 
Do wake up now! When the bleeding comes in, which it will, it might be too late to react because you might not have the ammo to fight anymore. The business environment is changing so fast that within days or weeks, new things will overtake and replace what is in the present.
Wishing all good luck and cheers to the elites!
Singapore Headhunter Article by Dougles Chan – The Recruitment Guru