Best Bridal Make Up

I’ve learned a thing or two in my time as a makeup-obsessed makeup lover! Having a couple of good friends that are makeup artists has helped as well, but the one type of makeup that I just love is bridal makeup.

I wanted to share some of the tit-bits I have gleaned over the years watching and talking with my makeup artist friends about bridal makeup. Read on for tips on how to get the best bridal make up.



Use a slightly darker shade of lip liner or color in the corner of the lips. Just like a painter creates the illusion of depth on a flat canvas using light and shade, so too can lips be made to look fuller with the addition of a darker shade in the corners. This should not be perceptible to the eye as a separate shade, but just give the illusion of fullness.


If you are having trouble getting a good match between the lips and the eyes, why not take an eye-color and apply it to the lips? It doesn’t work with every color scheme, but using an eye shadow and a pencil can get perfectly color matched lips and eyes-this doesn’t mean painting a thick layer of shadow on the lip-just pressing in a hint of the color into a gloss or nude shade. The color will not be very noticeable, but it will bring balance to the face.


Use a reflective cream or white eye shadow (a pearl is perfect) and again, press a small amount into the center of the bottom lip, and a tad on the top lip. This won’t be noticeable color wise, but it will reflect light off this area, and make lips look lusciously pouty. Who would have every thought that eye shadows could come in such handy?



This is a biggy-the key to the best bridal make up ever: USE AN AIRBRUSH. Its quite phenomenal the transformation airbrush makeup gives, and it truly gives the best bridal make up I’ve ever seen. Everything about airbrushing is perfectly suited for bridal makeup (although I use my much-loved Dinair kit every day). The formula of the foundation is lightweight, yet gives complete coverage, its is long lasting, won’t rub off when you hug and kiss all the wedding guests, and it won’t need retouching during the wedding.


Contouring is essential for the best bridal makeup in pictures-cameras tend to wash out the face and leave it looking flat. Adding contouring along jaw line, temple, sides of the nose and of course under the cheek bones gives dimension and depth in photographs-and seeing as though a wedding is normally the most photographed day in someone’s life-its kind of an important aspect!

Wedding photography by Yipmage moments