Can Manpower and Recruitment Companies Really Make Money in the Industry?

Almost every week, I will be approached by many agencies and companies who are involved in the recruitment in manpower business and many times the following issues had surfaced and need help in the followings:
1)      Not able to hire the right recruitment consultants
2)      Not able to find enough clients
3)      Not able to find candidates
4)      Not able to generate more sales to cover the rental and overheads
5)      The company books are in the red
6)      Unable to retain recruitment consultants
7)      Simply do not know how to do the business at all as they have absolutely no experiences.
8)      Do not know how to expand the company to another level
Apparently, if you were to look at all the issues above, it really boils down to few key points that we can focus the key points to ensure that the problems can be solved, if most of the problems are solve, the probability of the manpower Company making money will be higher indeed.
Here are some proven solutions that can solve some of the problems above:

1) Positioning 

You will need to position yourself as a specialist in a certain industry so that the clients and candidates will have more trust on you.
If you are just perceived as one of them out there, many times you will not get very good responds.

2) Branding 

Make some effort to create a good logo, if possible get a graphic designer to do it.
Usually it is not very expensive if you know where to find it.
Some of them will as for a few hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars if they are famous, but generally speaking, it will cost less than $100. Let me know if you need any help, I can get it done in less than $100.00
Beside logo, get involve in social media such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, in fact, the more the merrier but stay less than 10 social media as too many also make it confusing.

3) Have a great website 

Client and candidate will go to your website and make some judgement about you before giving you the business or sending you the resume.
If you do not have a great website, make one or get someone to do it.
Let me know if you want to get one professional website done in less than $1,000.00. If you do not have any website, go and do it now!

4) Using Technology

Email marketing, social media and other software available in the market are there for you to use to make your productively higher by at least 10 – 1000 times better if you were to do it using traditional methods. If you are still lagging behind, it is time to look at it deeper.

5) Soft Skills 

To engage with clients and candidates, you will need to speak fairly well, good in presentation and negotiating skill. If you are lack in these, even if you have the best client and candidate, it will not stay with you forever.

6) Leadership Skills 

To build and retain a team, you need to have a good leadership skill, this can be learned and nobody is born a leader, hence if you are not skilful in leading, you can learn, starting from now…

7) A Mentor or Adviser 

The problem with most people is that they always think that they are the best in what they are doing, the issue is that they do not know when they make a mistake and until things happens then it will be too late, hence it is always better to look for a mentor or recruitment coach who has more experience or expertise in the area to advise you to see how you can do things in a better way.
The recruitment industry in manpower definitely can make money if and only when you know what and how to do. They are many ways to complete a deal in a shorter cycle if and only you know how and what to do…
Till then…