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Protect Your AC System, Protect Your Children

Do you live in a climate that can get extremely hot in the summer? Is your climate hot and sunny most of the year? Do you have children living in your home or staying in your home part time? If you answer yes to this last question and one of the first two questions, you...


Ensure Your Air Conditioner Continues to Operate

When it comes to the essential items in your home, chances are there are hundreds of other items you would put above your air conditioner. But the moment that it goes down, you are going to begin to notice that having it fixed in a hurry can be a nightmare. In addition to that, there...


3 Little Known Dangers to Your Air Conditioning System

There are a lot of things that can affect the functioning of your air conditioning system. Some of these things are well known, such as not changing the filter each month and cigarette smoke. Others are lesser known, which makes them more of a risk. If you are serious about preserving your system for the...