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So, we’re basically going to be doing a lot of thumb walking, so we’ll start with the big toe.

With the big toe, you’re going to want to thumb walk this whole area. Just to be thorough, we’ll go all the way around. You can think of the big toe like the head, and the base as like the neck.

You’ll come in here, and we’re just going to thumb walk up. And, again, you’re just bending at the joint here, and taking little bites, and I’m going up. You could also go across, and come across this way. You could also bend the toe a little bit. You’re really supporting with these fingers here, but you could do a little bit of a lift, and folding over the thumb. And that will allow you get a little deeper in there. You could do it, with finger walking, you could do the base of the neck on this side. Go all the way around.

In addition to this big toe, you’re going to want to do all the toes. With the second digit, you’ll always want to support from the base. You’re going to want to, with your finger, and your thumb, you’re going to walk down at the same time, on either side. So, right like that. And I’m really supporting in the back.

You could do it again, supporting the back with your whole hand, and your fingers, you’ll thumb walk down, the whole second toe. You’re really getting in there in the base. You’re going to do that again with the third digit, coming down, really supporting, and coming down.

Of course, you can, with the finger walking, you’ll also do the front or the dorsum, the dorsal aspect. You’ll do all the toes for the neck reflexes. You’re going to want to focus, also, on the shoulder reflex, which is this whole area here. This whole area here. You’re going to do it bilaterally, so you are going to do both feet. I’ll just do this one here.

We’re going to thumb walk down. A lot of people hole tension in their shoulders, so this can be a really nice thing for that as well. Many of us kind of walk around like this, so just give attention right here, if that’s the case.

I’m walking across now, just a little bit from the lateral aspect in word, and you can certainly give attention to the side, by pinching a little bit. Then, you’ll come in around at that diaphragm line reflex. You have that solar plexus right in the middle, so the solar plexus reflex, you’ll hold with both thumbs, and you’re just going to lean a little forward, and you lean forward.


How to Quickly Release Neck Pain Massage Get your free copy of back pain secrets at the link above (click the free book tab) or at http This video demonstrates a simple massage for pain in the neck that uses movement and massage. Presented here for people with back neck pain who are learning to self-adjust using Self Adjusting Technique but are having trouble making it work. This is a good way to release neck pain as well as side neck pain in general. And, it can quickly soften the muscles so the neck can be gently adjusted. This information is presented for educational purposes only. Use these techniques at your own risk.


L5 S1 disc prolaps | chiropractic adjustment| see before and after treatment

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How To Prevent Neck Pain

Here’s our guide to preventing neck pain while cycling.
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Neck pain while riding is… a pain in the neck. We’ve put together a list of stretches, tips and tweaks to your position that will help to prevent neck pain, or reduce your existing neck pain to zero.

If you don’t already experience neck pain, some of these (especially the stretches) are worth doing as preventative measures. Try adding them to our Top 5 post-ride stretches:

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Yoga For Daily Neck Relief

Our “silent” series continues with Yoga For Daily Neck Relief. This sequence is simple but so rewarding! Take the time to connect to your body and relieve your head, neck and shoulders from pain and discomfort. Remember the key word here is PRACTICE. Practice checking in with your neck daily and I believe you will discover a lighter, happier you! Even if you do not have neck pain, practice good neck hygiene! It is all connected baby. For more free yoga videos, visit

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Song of Back and Neck

Fred Trolleycar (Paul Lieberstein) struggles with intense, crippling back pain. After an appointment with the highly recommended Dr. Street (Paul Feig), Fred learns his back and neck problems are too complicated for treatment. As he works through the pain at his father’s law firm, where he has been a (very) long-term paralegal, Fred meets the beautiful, soon-to-be divorcee, Regan Stearns (Rosemarie Dewitt). The two quickly form a bond, and she suggests he visit an acupuncturist—who discovers that Fred has a rather unique talent. The culmination of Fred’s stressful work environment, his tense relationship with his father and his feelings for still-married Regan fuel his back’s strange song. But as Fred finally begins to find relief for both his chronic pain and his persistent loneliness, he wonders if his problems are more psychological than physical.