Latest Updates on Pre-Sales and High Rise Condos in Downtown Vancouver

Serious buyers of home properties and condo units in Downtown Vancouver may have difficulty choosing from a wide range of real estate properties on the selling block. Your range of choices includes old-classical style condo units and townhomes and high-rise luxury apartment suites. Downtown Vancouver is the logical destination for some good home buying options for property investors, couples, families, first-time home buyers and primary residents.

The frenzied pace of construction of new properties in Downtown Vancouver is a clear indication that this area is bucking the current trend that we are seeing in most key cities and urban location in British Columbia. Home properties, condos and townhomes are moving in the market at breakneck speed as evidenced by the high conversion rate for pre-sale launches where buyers are expected to make purchases off the plan.

Condo Buying Options in Downtown Vancouver

There are about 30 property development projects in the Downtown Vancouver in various stages of construction. Of these ongoing development projects in the city centre, ten are high-rise residences that are getting snatched by buyers off the plan or being sold under pre-construction arrangement.

This provides another great purchase option for those who are looking for high-value home properties and real estates in Downtown Vancouver where prices are “locked” until the project has been completed and delivered to homebuyers to the exact specifications as stipulated in the pre-sale agreement. Buyers are only required to shell out a minimal down payment of about 15% to lock in the deal with the home developer or builder. Once the down payment is made and upon signing of the pre-sale contract, the townhome or condo residence is “secured” until the project is completed and delivered.

If you are looking for the authentic cosmopolitan and ultra-modern living and lifestyle, the vibrant and “urban-esque” charm and character of contemporary and chic luxury condo and townhome residences are your best picks. A record number of property investors, young couples and families and single professionals are now coming in droves. These are the homebuyers who want to live close to their places of work and enjoy the luxury and trappings of modern living. The ongoing property development in Downtown Vancouver features a wide range of high-value home properties that includes pre-sale condo units, townhomes and high-end tower condo properties.

Prime Locations in Downtown Vancouver for Serious Condo Buyers

Critical issues for serious buyers include the community and quality of new home properties that are on the selling block. Of course, you want to stay in a community that can become an extension of your character and lifestyle. The real estate in the City centre is divided into distinct segments according to sex, age, demographics and even sexual orientation.

The pre-sale condo units in Downtown Vancouver are the epitome of the changing mood and mentality where modern lifestyle is defined by smaller core communities in urban centres with all the required amenities. When it comes to high-end options in the downtown area, your choices will include Coal Harbour residences, pre-sale condo units in Yaletown as well as premium residences in Denman Street-West End corridor and False Creek area.

If you are looking for emerging hot spots in the City centre then you have got to take a serious look at ongoing projects and property development projects in the pipeline in the business district, Gastown, Crosstown, Robson Street and Chinatown.

There are currently a huge number of pre-sale and pre-construction new condo launch and townhome development projects in Vancouver downtown area. This current trend bodes well for the affordability and range of choices of serious buyers of new properties in the area. The pricey and high-end residences in Yaletown and the chic waterfront condo suites along the Coal Harbour are the best picks for those looking for the best of the best when it comes to contemporary home properties in Vancouver downtown area.

On the other, if you want to explore viable investment options with the highest earning potential then the pre-sale home properties and construction projects in emerging and revitalized districts of Chinatown, Crosstown and Gastown are your best bets.

Why Launch a Condo Website?

As condo board members, we all face similar challenges. How do we keep our costs down? How do we ensure we’re protecting our members’ rights to privacy? How do we improve communication? How do we organize ourselves when board members retire? How do we streamline our tasks?

Have you considered moving your condo online? A condo website can alleviate many of the problems we face. When it comes to sharing and accessing information, the Internet is one of the most convenient, efficient and widely used resources. Each year, more and more people find their way online, and each year, the Internet evolves to offer more features and conveniences that could easily be adopted by condo boards and residents.

How do we protect our members’ rights to privacy?

Secure document storage can be an integral part of your condo website. Electronically stored documents reduce the need for paper copies, and by offering content on member login pages, you can control access levels given to each community member.

How do we improve communication?

Knowing people turn to the Internet for information, a new condo launch website is a great communication tool. It provides 24-hour access to information about community news and events, it is a great place to post announcements (such as parking lot maintenance or building painting), and it allows board members to share information about new initiatives and resolutions. Your site may include forums in which members can ask questions of the board. Perhaps you’ll choose to receive email notifications when news is published or when issues are reported via your site. In essence, condo websites bridge the communication gap that can often occur in larger communities.

How do we stay organized when the board turns over?

Storing documents and correspondence online provides a readily accessible archive for new board members. If you have ever had to track down a past president or a former property manager to retrieve an important document, you likely recognize the benefits to be gained by online document storage and retrieval.

How do we save time and money?

By posting information to a website, board members can eliminate postage and the costly printing of letters, notices and promotional materials. Door-to-door delivery also becomes a thing of the past. By listing homes for rent or sale on the site, residents can save advertising costs. FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) pages can help cut down the number of calls, emails and letters to board members or property managers, providing great cost-saving measures. And if you sell advertising space to local businesses, your community site may even earn money.

So why launch a condo website?

  • To save your board time and money
  • To facilitate document storage and to protect private documents
  • To ease the transition and improve communication when board members retire
  • To improve communication amongst board members, residents and owners
  • To provide your community with features they may have asked for, such as:
  • a public page to convey the community’s public image
    • an event calendar so residents can get out and meet their neighbours
    • online booking of a party room, guest suite or other amenity
    • online forums or classifieds to keep paper clutter out of the common areas
    • contact information for the board of directors

Condo Basics – What You Need to Know About Condominiums

Buying a house is perhaps one of life’s most difficult decisions to make. Your choices will either bring prosperity and soundness to you and your family or haunt you for the rest of your life. There are a variety of factors that play key roles during the home buying process. These include design, space, quality of materials used, price, and even the amenities outside the location.

If you prefer to live in a well-developed community and gain access to various amenities, a viable settlement choice is a condominium, or condo for short. Condos pertain to the type of ownership contract received by the buyer rather than suggest the structure of the house itself, which is a popular misconception among society. But is a condo unit worth the cost? For novice home shoppers who can’t tell, read on the guide below to find out if a condo is the best choice for your lifestyle needs and preferences.

The concept of new condominiums first started in the continental US during the 1960s. A decade later, there were already regulations and standards enforced in the U.S. And since the 21st century, condominium buildings have risen up in staggering numbers and have become an increasingly popular way of living. What makes a condominium different from apartments and single homes is the fact that owners not only get the unit they live in, but also owns a part of the luxuries and functions owned and operated by the facility. For example, the lobby, hallway, multipurpose hall, movie theatre, swimming pool, mini bar, and arcade are all exclusively offered to the community living in the condominium building.

Now, are there any other perks with living in a condo apart from access to these amenities? The overwhelming prices of condo units tend to repel clients from securing a spot. However, the multitude of benefits entailed from living in a condominium building easily justifies the costs. In fact, compared to single homes or apartment units, a condo may sum up to lower expenses in the long run.

The economic advantages of living in a condo unit serve as a substantial perk in the buying decision. Condos usually provide a buyer more inexpensive means of purchasing a home. Instead of shouldering all the responsibilities for an entire property, the purchaser shares the charges with other unit owners in the event that the plumbing systems leak or the electrical system malfunction.

The unit owner is also relieved of other responsibilities that would otherwise have been a complete burden to them, such as basement flooding, roofing shingle replacements, and so forth. You are also sparing money from having to purchase decors for special events like Halloween or Christmas since the building management team often sets these timely decors free-of-charge as a complimentary gift for their valued tenants.

While a condo association system is a great money-saver for resolving utility problems and structure damages, it may also backfire into a burden. When repairs or renovations are necessary, every unit owner must contribute to the entire expense, neglecting if they will use the luxury or not.


How to Get More Buyers for RV Altitude using SEO

SEO is a process of optimizing your website related to RV Altitude so that your website on RV Altitude will be ranked at the front page of The benefits and million dollars advantages for real estate agent had been covered in my other post at Fourth Avenue Residences. If you have not visit the page, please do check the link.

Alright. coming back to RV Altitude, first and foremost, you will need to have a website, register a domain name via and get hosting at siteground. Install WordPress in the hosting and you will be able to upload the content RV Altitude. 

About Domain Names for RV Altitude.

Do not buy domain names such as, RV,, or anything similar, it just does not work in this era of 2019! Whoever is telling you to do so is outdated, your website will be penalized by Google if you do not have valuable content. I have covered this in-depth related to copying names in the domain name in another topic related to Riverfront Residences, do check it out. 

You should have your own domain name such as: and create a sub-page

 or and create a sub-page

whether it is .com or or sg will depend on which countries you are targeting:

  1. If you are targeting international buyers, use .com
  2. If you are targeting only Singapore buyers, use or sg domain 

Important Keywords and content to be included in your new website:

Ensure that the following keywords are shown on your website:

  • RV Altitude
  • RV Millenia
  • River Valley Road
  • two-bedroom units
  • Great World MRT station
  • Great World City.

The order of the keywords are based on importance, obviously  “RV Altitude” is the most important keywords to have. 

Here are the strategies, you need to have a 1-page LONG information of at least 2000 words or more, plus photos and videos when possible and the words below need to appear a few times in various location of the website on that 1-page  LONG information of RV Altitude. 

  • RV Altitude
  • RV Millenia
  • River Valley Road
  • two-bedroom units
  • Great World MRT station
  • Great World City.

Make sure it is natural and the content that you created is making sense! Don’t just copy and paste the words in there and hope it will get the 1st page the next day in Google.

Photos of RV Altitude in the website

Well, most people will just copy and upload the photos from the developer’s website and hope that you will impress Google and potential buyers. Below are some samples got from Google image, yes, these are photos of RV Altitude that anyone can grab from the internet.

Let us be very practical, if you are doing NORMAL things, you will NEVER impress Google and more importantly, the buyers, do not just be just another RV Altitude URL and RV Altitude webpage that basically give ZERO values.

The SAME information can be found EVERYWHERE!!!

So my question to you is:

What makes you so different that the buyers need to buy from you?

What makes you so special that Google needs to rank you HIGH UP in

No, there is no reason for so. Hence if you are to use the same old method you think is “best”, your effort to create a website for RV Altitude and SEOing for RV Altitude will go down the drain very fast. There are so many people copying one another. 

So the point is. You need to give VALUE, you need to create an IDENTITY and you need to make the WHY people must BUY from you. 

So here are the steps to be different when you are using SEO to get buyers for RV Altitude

  1. Creating an identity (Brand) – Get your own domain name, get your own logo or your own face (Professional done). Tell people who you are, what you are, why you are in this industry, tell a story, people love to hear stories. 
  2. Craft out the advantages of buying RV Altitude compared to other condos, be as specific as possible, make your own stand on why it is better. Using numbers when possible. 
  3. Create one method to contact you, either a mobile number, email, forms etc. Do not use multiple channels. Do not confuse buyers. 
  4. Remember to put your company name and address, it adds credibility to Google. 
  5. Put multiple condo projects or new launch projects on the same website is perfectly fine. (Go to point 6)
  6. Seperate your domain page in names, for example ,, etc.
  7. Add a Google map for RV Altitude, if you think Google map API is too complex, use,if you are too lazy to go to the URL above, here is the embedded code:

<div class=”mapouter”><div class=”gmap_canvas”><iframe width=”600″ height=”500″ id=”gmap_canvas” src=”” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″></iframe><a href=””></a></div><style>.mapouter{text-align:right;height:500px;width:600px;}.gmap_canvas {overflow:hidden;background:none!important;height:500px;width:600px;}</style></div>

Social media Method to Create Awareness for your RV Altitude Webpage (Links)

Facebook – Your objective now is to let Google knows your website is good value and popular, you can write some description related to RV Altitude and put the link to your webpage. About 30 to 50 words will be good enough, remember to insert the webpage URL, this will create a “LINK” to your website.

This will have 1 point! Get your friends and fellow mates to help to LIKE, comment and share also. Remember the objective is not to get people to visit the website from Facebook, the objectives are the get more POINTS. The more engagement you have for that post you create, the more points you have. Points given by other people will be more valuable compared to doing the comment, Like and share by YOURSELF. 

Move on to Linkedin and Twitter, do the same thing. 

Repeat the process a few times per week, each time talking about your RV Altitude Webpage differently. 

Eventually, after some weeks or month, you will start to see your ranking to get momentum. Congrats, you are on the 1st step to be on the 1st page of 


Dougles Chan – Millionaire Business Mentor 


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