In the world, there are over tens of thousands and thousands of recruitment agencies with at least half of them are less than 5-10 man operators, having say that, you should understand that even just a small 10% competition with you in your country, that will be easily hundreds of recruitment agencies that will fight […]

Yesterday afternoon I was doing a personal mentoring with my student and we were discussing about how to generate job orders and also doing some filtering to ensure that the job orders are real and valid. During the mentoring session I demonstrate the ability to retrieve ANY competitor job orders and discover their client contact details even if the information […]

Whether you are a new recruitment agency or one that has already existed in the market for a long time, perhaps you can refer to the marketing strategy example, and maybe one or more of the strategies will be useful for you. Note that all strategies will NOT be applicable to all agencies due to resource constraints, location constraints […]

Many smaller size recruitment agencies that have fewer than 10-15 people will feel not so comfortable reading what I am going to write. However, if you are one of them, do read what follows below with an open mind and perhaps you will be able to get something good out of it. The reasons why […]

An urgent call from a recruitment agency client who required my professional advice informed me that they were having difficulty in getting new clients for their company. I went to their office and noticed that it was a decent 500-square foot office that could house about ten recruitment consultants. After understanding the problem, I realized that they […]