Wedding Photographer, is it worth to do SEO for your website?

SEO master shifu share with you for Wedding Photographer, is it worth to do SEO for your website? He explains why…

Hi my name is Dougles Chan I’m the SEO Master Shifu. I help clients to push their website to the first page of Google by doing so there will be more inquiries of sales and there are being more profits.

Today I’m gonna share with you in this topic on is it worth to do SEO for wedding photographers if you are a wedding photographer and are watching this video let me show you a few things SEO for wedding photographer of wedding photography is totally worth it.

Why the reason is they are two way, first is the cost is actually cheaper in the long run because if you have to put advertisement dollars in every month. In Facebook ads or Instagram the kind of leads that you get it may be consistent but it may be expensive if you put the same amount SEO every month you’ll get consistent sales and even if you’ll never continue after the SEO package….

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