Changing Bazi? Is it really Possible?

Hello, welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia. My name is Dougles Chan, and I am a Qi Men master sifu.

Today we are going to talk about changing Bazi. Some people believe that Bazi is fixed, and apparently, because of that, they are not able to live a good life. However, according to this method created by myself, I can actually do a bit of tweaking and changing in your Bazi to make your life even better. So, how do we actually do that under Qi Men Dun Jia Bazi reading 八字算命?

I will give you a basic illustration. This is just a very surface level. So, in this aspect, it is just an overview of what is going to happen to change your Bazi 八字算命. The question is: how do you actually use it to your advantage?

Before I actually illustrate the thing, we need to understand a few basic concepts. In terms of the Bazi of your life, we divide it into three different Bazi: the Heaven, the Earth, and the Human. In Chinese we call it: Tian Shi (天时), Di Li (地利), Ren He (人和) [Tian – Di – Ren]

  • When you are born, your date of birth 生辰八字 is actually fixed. It cannot be changed, so it is actually based on that to create a certain characteristic of yourself, what might happen in your life. It is part one, which is Heaven (Tian Shi – 天时).
  • The Earth (Di Li – 地利) is where you are going to be located, where you were born, even if you are in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, the US, etc. Different places will create different results.
  • Thirdly is Human factor (Ren He – 人和) is what you do, how you do, and who the people you meet with. which means you are able to control this part 100%. Because of that, we are able to base on this Human factor (Ren He) to change the cause of your Bazi to your advantage.

These are concepts that we can apply to this Qi Men Dun Jia Bazi reading.

Assuming this is your Bazi chart that you created, you were born on July 27, 1977, at 23:39. From there, we are able to see what your basic symbol is as a character.

We should find the basic symbol, we go to the Day stem:

If you are interested, you can go to and download an app called “m.qimen”. From there, you can plot your own Bazi chart. Be careful to do that because if you do not know how to do it, you might get the wrong information.

Coming back to this chart, we have this Day stem called “Bing”. “Bing” stands for Fire. It is a bright and strong fire. Based on the understanding, it is more like a very bright, happy, smart person. If you are with somebody who is very smiley, you will have a lot of very interesting events, activities, and you will feel very good with this person.

Next, we are going to find the character of this “Bing” person in the 9 boxes below. So, we need to find where “Bing” is located. “Bing” is located in box number 3 and box number 8:

In a general sense, for the purpose of understanding, the box 3 and box 8 are your character. Every symbol within these boxes represents a character. When you start off, when you are a baby, you will be in box number 3. That means when you are from 0 year old to 30 or 40 years old, you will be in box number 3. After 30 to 40 years old, you will be in box number 8. Understanding this situation is that box number 3 is before and box number 8 is after. However, it does not mean that your character will totally change. There will still be an element of box number 3 after you are 40 years old. That does not mean that you will totally disappear. Therefore, your whole life will have a combination of box number 3 and box number 8 character. As you move older, box number 8 character will be more prominent.

Understanding that box number 3 and box number 8 are characters. And surrounding the boxes, there are other six boxes that have different energies, representing different things. “Life” in box number 4 is profit, which means talking about business. “Partner” will talk about your partnership or your relationship. “Advisor” will talk about your academics. “Open” represents your career, etc.

There are a lot of different symbols that have different meanings according to the application. Different symbols in different boxes have an interrelationship.

How do we see the relationship?

In this particular box number 2, we have this thing called number 2. Below, there is a “Kun”, which is actually the Earth. Yourself (box number 3) stands for Wood.

Earth and Wood will clash, which means you will clash with the “Partner” (Liu He) that is the marriage. itself and When you grow older, you will move to box number 8, which is called Earth:

Earth is actually the same element to box number 2. So, there is no clash, no production. Eventually, you will be fine.

Having said that, we always want to find a good relationship between a specific symbol and yourself, depending on what you are looking at, such as health, profit, business, relationship, career, academic, etc. At the end of the day, you must find a harmonious relationship between yourself and the other party.

We have to take a look at box number 3 and box number 8, always remember that these are you. One of them belongs to Wood and one of them belongs to Earth. You are able to identify which boxes are able to produce or align with the other part of this element. For example, based on relationships, the “Partner” (Liu He) is Earth, and if you are also Earth, you will have to have a specific character. That means you have to apply your character in box number 8 to have a harmonious relationship with box number 2 which is the relationship box. You have to act on it, which means you have to create the activity, you have to be very mindful about your character.

It also means that in the box number 3, with the characters in “9Earth”, “Rest”, or “Advisor”, you should not apply on it.

To be very comfortable in your relationship and ensure your bazi compatibility, you have to behave and be mindful about being in character or box number 8, which means you have to choose your character carefully. Based on the situation, you act upon it. You do things to align with box number 8. Your energy will be the Earth energy, and from that, your relationship should be a harmonious one.

You see, so based on character, adjusting your character, adjusting what you do to create the element energy in order to harmonize with the other styles that you are looking for.

This is just an overview of how I actually create, adjust, and change the Bazi of a person: you will be more in harmony. The question can be changed: what can you do, in what aspect, and relating to what matters?

In a nutshell, this is just an overview of how we can change a Bazi in this aspect. If you want to learn how to change your life, check out the latest qimen course available here.

Thanks for reading.

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