5 Robot Chats to keep you entertained

When it comes to social life, not everyone can claim to have one, even with all the messaging Apps emerging. Some of us find it really hard to make human connections due to a number of reasons, it could be because we work for long hours, leaving us with little time to make social interactions, or maybe we just can’t bring ourselves to starting off conversations with people. However, you can still hold a fun conversation online, without having to go outside. And it can be way more fun with these chatbots that respond to you in the funniest ways ever.

  1. Mitsuku

Mitsuku is a female chat robot with the ability to reply to the user in the most humane way possible. Having won the Loebner Prize, where the chat robots are awarded based on how human they are, Mitsuku has the ability to talk about literally anything. For instance, if you are bored and want to chat for entertainment, you can visit the chatbot and hold a conversation to distract yourself from the norm and boredom.

  1. Evie

This is one of the most developed Chatbots for entertainment. Evie has the ability to converse in several languages among them French and German. However, this bot uses words from the previous chats from ten years ago which are stored in a large database, from where the bot searches what to say when prompted by the user. Evie bot is mostly available even with the heavy traffic coming in from the people in need of conversing with them. You can use the bot when you need to talk and maybe you are at work and needs a break, especially for people working behind computer screens for long hours. This Chatbot has text-to-speech for people who want to verbally communicate with the Evie avatar.

  1. Elbot

Developed by Fred Roberts, Elbot is a fun and engaging Chatbot that converses with the user by asking random questions. It is a great way to spend your work breaks especially for people who find it challenging to make social interactions with other human beings. Questions by the AI chatbot may include, ‘what do you do for a living?’, and upon the response, the bot will continue the conversation by asking more questions. However, the responses from the bot may not be exactly accurate but it’s a fun way to spend a few minutes of your break.

  1. Cleverbot

His is one of the most popular Chatbot there is, which is also designed totalk to human beings. Cleverbot also has the ability to learn and store information from human chats. Upon getting started, the Chatbot will respond to your queries but it might not be able to give the appropriate answer. Its response depends on the information stored in its database.

  1. Insomno Bot

Just like its name, Insomno Bot is designed for people having trouble sleeping at night. The bot will talk to you when everyone else is asleep and there is no one to talk to. Through its interesting conversation nature, this Chatbot will take away boredom and keep you entertained.

Even though Chatbots are mostly used by businesses for customer service among other functions, including entertainment and providing companionship. It could be helpful for people with trouble making any social interactions and also busy people who don’t get time to socialize with people.

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