Facebook Messenger Chatbots: Future of content marketing?

Content marketing has been the backbone of content marketing, with many professionals in the digital marketing world referring to ‘content is king’ slogan. We can argue about it all day but the fact remains to be, content marketing is never going to end, and neither is email marketing. However, as the digital world evolves, Chatbots are contributing to the success of digital marketing with Facebook messenger Chatbots taking lead in content marketing. Due to the conversational nature of Chatbots, it is easier to provide relevant content to your Facebook page fans and answer queries asked by your clients.

Marketers are now using Facebook Messenger bots to promote new content to their fans with most pages opening the chat on clicking to the page. Even though Messenger Chatbots are at infancy stage, there has been reported success from the latter. For instance, Domino’s Pizza is successfully using chatbots for their clients to order pizza through Dom the Pizza Bot, and track it to be delivered under 30 minutes. However, it should be noted that for any business, content is key to any form of marketing, following the 20%-80% promotional rule. Facebook Messenger Chatbot is a great way to win clients, generate leads as well as provide 24-hours customer service.

As much as we talk about content marketing using messenger Chatbots, let’s look at the ways it can be helpful. While creating the Chatbot, it is highly recommended to create a chat-subscription for the users. This is because, unlike email subscription, chat subscription appears more informal and therefore quite likely to be engaging and the content shared with the uses is usually short and straight to the point. Since the Chatbot has a way of storing client data in the database, the bot will recognize the kind of content each user is into and thus share it without having to guess. This way, you will be able to increase click rates and therefore increase the traffic to your site and page. However, this does not mean that you should do away with email marketing.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots will also help you in creating your email list, especially if you are able to incorporate pop-up notifications and lead magnets with the bot. Successful business which is thriving on the messenger Chatbots has learnt a way to get users to subscribe to their sites through the pop-up notifications asking them to sign up their email before initiating the chat. However, users are not stupid and they know they are talking to the bot and that’s why you should also include an option to unsubscribe from your email list. However, you can use these bots to launch your new products, where email marketing comes in handy. This is why most businesses are combining the two marketing strategies; email and Chatbot marketing through Facebook Messenger.

In conclusion, the success of this marketing strategy highly depends on your efforts and the type of content you create. For effective marketing, it is recommended to create chats that provoke the response from the user which will lead to high engagement rate. Sometimes when the automated conversation from the messenger chatbot is not flowing, you may consider joining the chat and helping your client with the type of content they need, making it more effective. Remember to ink your bot to your website or blog where the user might find more information about the content they require. As this strategy continues to evolve, we are looking at a brighter future with more engagement rates and conversion rates coming from the use of Facebook messenger Chatbots.

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