Three Chatbots each Company Must Invest In

Chatbots have come to make work easier, all round, for the employer and for the employee. They will do the hard work and tedious work for the employee, leaving them to do other tasks that the chat bots can’t do, other tasks that requires a human touch. This means they are more productive and get a lot of work done and off their desk. Chat bots are also cheaper than hiring more personnel. Chatbots tasks ranges from customer care services, to handling simple tasks such as simple calculations and much more.

Below are three must-have chatbots for an organization.

After hours bot

Whether employees work 24 hours every day of the week or not, after hour’s chatbot are must have. This means that even when closed, your organization and institution is online, helping and handling client questions. After hour’s chatbots means clients are not left hanging and even if they can’t receive the help they need immediately, they will get a timeline of when to get the response. These after-hours chatbots will also come in handy if you have a busy customer care centre and all agents are engaged. The chatbot will engage the clients befor eany agent is free to take up the query. Further, with such chatbots, they will initiate the conversation with customers leading to a robust customer engagement services by for your institution. After hours chat bots are ideal for small enterprises and start-ups, those companies that still are struggling for employees. The chatbots also serve already established companies and helps in addressing the thousands of questions such institutions receive.

FAQ bots

Navigating websites is hectic. Different websites are designed differently. With the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) bot, visitors to websites can now easily navigate through the website. They get to find the answers to the questions they may have without having to scroll through the website in search of the same. A FAQ chatbots will save the customers time and energy and if not satisfied with what they find, then the conversation box of the cat bot opens up, allowing them to ask the questions not addressed in the FAQ chatbots. Based on how well the FAQ chatbot fares-are the FAQ satisfactory or should there be more FAQs, designers and company bosses can then make the necessary changes to suit the demands of the clients on the Chatbots and ensure the necessary information is relayed via the chatbots.

Lead question bots

With social media coming to play, consumers nowadays prefer messaging their brands incase of queries or concerns. Rather than fill out a complaint form or survey, consumers would rather do that from the comfort of their seats and gadgets. With this in mind, it is advisable for organizations to have chatbots that not only engage the customers but also captures important information such as the clients contact information. With lead questions, a website is more engaging and data is collected of the most asked questions which then can be used on another chat bot, the FAQ bot.

Different companies need chatbots for different uses. And while different chatbots perform different chatbots, the three are some of the must-have chatbots for companies as they all help the client!

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