Cho Ga Wing Chun Sifu: Master Patrick Tham (谭强)

Cho Ga Wing Chun Sifu: Master Patrick Tham (谭强)

Wing Chun is an incredible self-defense martial art. It is widely considered to be one of the most effective styles in existence, and it has been used by various people throughout history as an effective fighting style. Some of you may be wondering what it is about Wing Chun that makes it such a unique and powerful method of self-defense. What distinguishes Wing Chun from any other martial arts? What does this martial art have to offer that would pique my interest?

As we all know Wing Chun, unlike any other martial arts such as taekwondo, kravmaga, jiu-jitsu, and so on, is not designed to be a cruel combat style. Instead, it emphasizes greater speed and a swift defense strategy. If I were to describe Wing Chun, I would say it is best when looking for a fighting style that focuses solely on defending oneself instead of causing severe damage to the opponent. Wing Chun is the coolest martial art in my opinion, not because it is effective, but because of the discipline.

Those who practice other martial arts, such as karate, I’ve noticed that their sifu and students developed this condescending attitude while practicing that particular martial art. They believe they are superior to everyone else and that they are more skilled and powerful than others simply because they excel at practicing that martial art. They are very arrogant, but I’m not claiming that all practitioners are like this; I’m simply stating what I’ve observed.

Wing Chun, on the other hand, is tranquil, serene, respectful, and humble. Wing Chun teaches its practitioners to remain disciplined and kind to their opponents, regardless of how skilled the practitioners of this martial art is.  Wing Chun practitioners maintained a calm demeanor throughout the fight, smoothly counterattacking their opponents’ attacks and appearing unbothered.

There are many great places to learn Wing Chun, but we feel that our program at Cho Ga Wing Chun is the best option for those who want to get started quickly and with minimal hassle. We offer private instruction in a friendly environment where our students can progress at their own pace without worrying about being judged by other martial artists. Our instructors are highly experienced and well-versed in all aspects of Wing Chun training, so they’ll be able to help you develop an effective defense strategy right away.

I know that in choosing a Wing Chun school one should consider its Sifu or instructor their credentials and everything. So, now we are going to talk about our Master.

Sifu Patrick Tham (谭强) was a disciple of a long-generation Wing Chun master, Sifu Ku Choi Wah (古财华). Who was renowned for being famous traditional Opera Wing Chun (班中詠春) and the sole inheritor of the original 108 Siu Lin Tao (小练头), also known as ‘Female form’ and Siu Lam Tao (少林头) or ‘Male form’. Sifu Patrick Tham (谭强) began his martial art journey at the age of 7, practicing the traditional Southern Chinese martial art, namely Hung Tou Choy Mei Southern Kung fu (洪头蔡尾). Later on, due to Sifu Patrick Tham (谭强) undying passion he mastered both the southern and northern Chinese martial arts. After that, He met Sifu Ku Choi Wah (古财华) and taught him the rare art of Cho Ga (Cho Village) Wing Chun. Sifu Patrick’s abilities were honed further under the tutelage of the Cho Ga seniors.  He had ‘touched hands’ (摸手) with top Guangzhou Wing Chun masters and was recognized as a highly-skilled Wing Chun master. Sifu Patrick also became a Police officer from 1989 to 2010 and did partake in a tournament in the Singapore Police Force. Shortly after that, Sifu Patrick began a coaching career teaching traditional Cho Ga Wing Chun.

He founded the Cho Ga Wing Chun school and has instructed hundreds of students in Singapore and Bangkok. His expertise was tested and validated in a variety of real-world circumstances. Now, Sifu Patrick had been teaching the unique style of Cho Ga Wing Chun in Singapore for over 15 years. He had trainees from China, Thailand, France, and Morocco.

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