Curtain Cleaning Tips

Our home needs to be clean all the time because it is our den of relaxation. We need to do the best we can to maintain the cleanliness of home. Most of the time, we always plump for buying new things like home furnishings to make home look clean. Just like curtains, we tend to buy new sets of curtains rather than cleaning it for new look. Do not you find this too costly?

It is a given that that set of curtains nowadays are more affordable compared before. That is why most households opt to procuring new set of curtains. Instead of buying new curtains for the windows of our home, give them the care and cleaning it need. Cleaning the curtains is more practical. I will offer you useful curtain cleaning information and make them last better and longer.

Get Rid of Dust and Dirt

Curtains are used to give us protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. We also use curtains for the privacy that we require. The curtains control the indirect lights that come from outside as well. This is the reason why we really need set of curtains.

Curtains get dirty easily especially if we have our windows always open. It will also attract the dirt and dust from the outside. When windows are closed, curtains cannot also get away from dust and dirt because of the breaks of the windows. You will know this if air from the outside can still go through. So, dirt and dust, which can make curtains dirty, can also go through.

We cannot really avoid our curtains from getting dirty because all the cleaning that we do to our house, the ceiling fans, dust and dirt are just around. It is the foremost reason why we have to maintain our curtains clean and look good.

Regular Cleaning

With regards to cleaning curtains, the best option for a lot of people is through washing them in the washing machine. However, doing this is excessively tasking especially if you do this almost every week. Regular washing will also damage the curtain fabric and its beautiful flow.

Instead, include the curtains on your list when you vacuum your home. Doing this every week will keep your curtain clean. But, you have to make sure that the vacuum is set low so that it will not swallow your set of curtains. You can also use static dusters and any cloth used for dusting curtains. When you vacuum or using the duster, make sure that you begin from the topmost part all the way down.

Other Cleaning Option

We are lucky these days because there are other cleaning tools that can be use for cleaning curtains like the portable steam cleaner. It is affordable and very useful. However, like any other cleaning tool, you have to check the label of your curtain if will allow such type of cleaning tool. You will know if your curtains accept portable steam cleaner if it is washable. Using such cleaning tool will not give you the same beautiful result when you use the washing machine but you are assured that it will help you clean them. If you use such cleaning tools, do not use static duster or vacuum for our curtains after.