Curtain Holders – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Curtain holders are quite essential to have if you want to keep your curtains neatly in order. Curtains often form an integral part of the interior décor of any house. They also help to regulate the amount of sunlight coming into your rooms. A fabulous looking curtain can also add a certain amount of visual flair to the room and make your visitor’s jaw drop every time they come over. What’s more interesting is that you can get these holders in equally enticing designs for unparalleled viewing splendor.

The holders come in different materials like brass, wood and pewter. Brass holders are strong and can support the weight of curtains easily. It is shiny and lustrous in appearance and looks like gold. Such holders impart a regal look to your curtains while safely holding them together. Also brass is non corrosive and can come in a variety of finishes like chrome finishes, nickel finishes etc for your viewing pleasure. You may have to clean and polish them once in a while to retain its shiny appearance.

Pewter on the other hand looks a lot like silver and doesn’t require much cleaning or polishing. But if you do want your pewter holders to shine as brilliantly as it can, you can use a good metal polish every now and then. However a down side to pewter is that it acquires a darker color over a long period of time. Wood of course gives a more classic look and feel to your curtain set. They also have a long life and can easily handle a considerable amount of stress. No matter what material you choose, you can find these holders in so many interesting designs to highlight the beauty of your curtains.

A shower curtain holder comes in different types. You can get decorative curtain hooks, curtain roller rings, or simple shower curtain rings depending on your personal needs. The decorative curtain hooks are one of the most easily available holders for the shower curtain. They consist of a decorative piece attached to a “U” shaped hook. The piece adds to the visual appearance of the curtain while the hooks go over the rods allowing you to easily slide the curtains to and fro.

The curtain roller rings are also called power glide rings. They are basically pear shaped metal rings which pass through the holes in the curtain and then go over the rod to safely hold the curtains up. These rings have a series of free rolling metal balls on top that help you to open and close the curtain with ease. Shower curtain rings are simple circular shaped holders that snap on to the curtain rod. They are mostly made up of flexible materials like plastic.