Dougles Chan Reviews

Thank you to Dougles shifu. He did Qi Men dun jia reading for me and it is really accurate. I learn a lot from him and also all the advises he gives me, do help me a lot too. Now I know the path that I should take and more clarity in life. If I have not known him, I might still be lost in life. I really hope I can be better. Like what he said, to network and get out of my comfort zone. I hope I can do it. If anyone wants to have a reading, you should find him. Highly recommended. 👍👍👍 – Chloeingelical Peh

I have known Dougles for a while and he wears different hats from being a dad, Rotary Club President, to now a practitioner in Qi Men Dun Jia. A trusty-worthy friend who helped, guided and advised others in need of help. And building a community for all walks of life coming together to share our experiences and knowledge to learn and empower each other. I am sure he will provide a good guidance to those who are seeking the knowledge from him. – Jacqueline Ng

Dougles shared with me about Qi Men Dun Jia and I curiously asked him about an area where I was seeking direction which would impact my life greatly at that moment. To my surprise, what he forecast was indeed true when I reflected and accessed the experiences and outcomes in life. I took his advice confidently after knowing the best course of action. Thankful for his ability to forecast and willingness to share and help. – Cheryl Soh

Provides clarity and good logical advice for improvements – Scarlet Wardrobe

I am very impressed with the recommendation given by Master Dougles. Based on 奇门遁甲 Qi Men Dun Jia, he gave me sound advice in terms of moving my business online end last year way before the COVID19 pandemic. Indeed I must buy him coffee once the COVID19 pandemic is over. Thank you Dougles! Highly recommended – Kenneth Chia

I have seen quite a few masters but in terms of accuracy, Dougles is definitely my go to person whenever I need him to read someone’s character and the situations before making critical decisions. He is spot on so far and provides clarity. Emil Ting

I got to know him through our circle of mutual friends and went ahead to take the opportunity to ask him, based on my Bazi and Qimen Analysis. So far, he has been pretty accurate and I would strongly recommend those who are keen in exploring this further. – Gerald Ong, Associate Trainer

Being a Shifu and a friend of mine, Dougles is a good listener and analytical person. He is a non judgmental and emphatic person. Adding on his excellent Qi Men Dun Jia knowledge and interpretation skills, he had given professional advice based on prediction, solved my personal and family problems. Anyone has encounter issues be it personal or business context, he is the master you can absolute seek professional advice from. – Sheely Tan

My experience with Dougles Chan reading. – Able to help me to determine my birth hour since mine falls exactly on the margin which could possibly yield two sets of results and the characteristic was by far 90% accurate. The 10% was unknown to me perhaps because I had never quite paid attention to. – Muso Lee

Dougles Chan simplified the reading and helped me understand myself better. Often we may not realize something until it is pointed out and corroborated. He explained it in a simple manner which allowed me to plan how to move towards my goals. – Aldric Tinker Toyad

Accurate and detailed analysis of my Personality & Character thru Qi Men Dun Jia calculations. Has also shared alternative options / recommendation of how to improve current / future circumstances. – Lim Teck Boon Kelvin

Accurate and detailed information about my character and personality. – Christine Ng

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