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6 Effective Tips for Recruitment Using Twitter

Twitter is one of the social media websites that gives opportunity to the recruiter to reach out to a vast talent that is extremely active.

Mastering the art of recruiting through twitter is indeed an art and it takes some time to get the expected returns.

Given below are five steps with the help of which the following on twitter increases and also makes sure that the tweets are getting re-tweeted by all the followers in their network as well.

1. Tweet should be short:

It is extremely important that the tweets are short and are filled with the necessary hashtags. For example if the job opening is for an IT developer in Singapore than the tweet can be phrased as “Calling #IT nerds – developer role in #singapore, great benefits: <insert shortened link>.”

2. Tweets should be easy:

Once people click on the link it should be easy for them to look at the job description rather than them digging further to get the details.

3. Proper research should be done:

It is very important to do complete research with the help of the search function. This helps in identifying who the influences are in a specific profession. One should definitely watch out for the hashtags that are used for a specific industry.

4. Results to be monitored:

It is very important to see who is responding to the tweets. It also helps to keep track of a specific time or a day when the response rate is high.

This information can be used to make the tweet even more interesting and therefore get more traction.

Google Analytics also helps in finding out if the tweet is generating traffic to the company website. In case it is noticed that though the number of followers for the tweet is increasing but not the traffic on the website, it helps to change the strategy so that the website also gets some traffic.

5. Continue being active:

Recruiters using twitter are advised to use WeFollow’s list which is a list of influential recruiters. This helps them know some of the best recruiters who use twitter to get good employees.

One can notice that not all companies that want to recruit start of saying they want people rather they start a general conversation that gets them many followers and then come to the point of recruitment.

6. Third Party tools:

Search can be made even more productive by making use of third-party tools like TweetBeeps. This tool helps in giving alerts which are relevant to the search when a candidate is looking for a particular job.

One can also check how influential they are by checking their score on Klout Score. This score can be used to benchmark themselves against the others.

Another major benefit the recruiters get from twitter is that there is absolutely no time constraint for tweeting with the potential candidate.

The candidates can respond as they wish or if they are not interested in the position they are even free to share it with others they think would fit for the current opening.

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