Feng Shui in the Living Room

The living room, just like every other area within your home, is full of Qi. But this time around, the living room is also a public area within your home. Meaning that since it is not private such as a Couples Bedroom or an occupied bathroom, a lot of people will simultaneously experience a large amount of the good flowing Qi present. This means that your whole family or even guests will benefit from the Qi that is flowing. Listed are some great Feng Shui tips below for the Living Room.

  1. Know the locations of your living room.

Sketch a floor plan of your living room. Treat the living room as a separate place from the floor plan of your whole house. Now in the living room, use a compass to find out which is north then superimpose the Feng Shui Bagua Map to see the areas where you can work on to gain good Qi.

  1. Large and Luscious Money Attracting Plants.

Try adding plants at the Southeast corner of your living room. Be sure to keep the plant very healthy by watering it regularly and remove any yellowing or dead leaves. In case it is dying, it is best to remove it. If you are reluctant to add indoor plants because of how they can bring in pests, try using fake plants that are made with high quality materials such as silk to make it realistic.

  1. Aquariums, Fountains, Water.

The element of water is an element that brings in money. As water flows, it will also bring good Qi and along with it is Prosperity and Wealth. People with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth can place Aquariums, Water Fountains or pictures of moving water such as paintings of ocean waves in the North part of the Living Room. Avoid stagnant or still water elements, because you would want water to be flowing.

  1. Wood Elements in the East

Try adding more plants with large leaves to the eastern part of your living room. You can also add auspicious flowers such as Chrysanthemums and African Violets as these are not only great in generating prosperous Qi but are also very beautiful and add a great fragrance to the Living Room.

  1. Good Feng Shui plants

Bamboo trees are not really trees but are really part of the grass family. But still, Bamboos are great Feng Shui plants because as they are strong and sturdy, so will the Qi flow in. Another great Feng Shui plant for Wealth are bonsai trees which are miniature trees. Also try adding fern plants, as they can give softness and variety to the living room and for good flowing Qi. Money trees are always great for inviting money and are usually favored by people with Direct Wealth and Indirect Wealth.

When there is harmony and balance with the objects or placements of furniture within your living room, Qi will certainly flow naturally and can bring in positivity. When in doubt, check the Feng Shui Bagua Map to ensure that elements and colors are blending. Not only are these Feng Shui tips realistic, but they also add beauty and will surely impress your family or guests.

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