Feng Shui Masters Vs. Bazi Masters: What Are The Differences?

Today, there’s quite a misunderstanding between Feng Shui Masters and Bazi Masters. Both are from Chinese tradition and method, but how do they differ? And if you are thinking of finding some help on having the life you aim for, what’s the best practice for you?

For thousands of years, Feng Shui has helped people globally balance the energy they have with the environment- homes, offices, buildings, etc.

The Feng Shui masters have been known for helping clients maintain yin and yang or balance in one’s life and environment, the Five Elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, and the Eight Mansions for a prosperous and fortunate life, such as abundance in wealth and health. With the advancement of technology, Feng Shui consultations can be done online or onsite. If you look into improvements within your space and interiors, masters can assess instability and advice for possible transition and rearrangement. Depending on the type of Feng Shui, traditional masters conduct a reading using a geomantic compass called luopan. Then, Feng Shui masters will start by assessing your astrology, numerology, and space. Some questions about furniture positioning, energy and color matching, and looking into areas with positive energy are a must. The process does not stop here. A comprehensive analysis of your lifestyle, landscape, and design will be presented. Here are the problems, but Feng Shui masters will also give you solutions or recommendations.

In comparison, Bazi means Eight Characters or four pillars, an ancient process of predicting possible life outcomes based on personality, birth, etc. It has been practiced for 5000 years, beginning from its Chinese Wu Kingdom origin. Often, Bazi has formed a misconception that it is about knowing one’s destiny, but it is not about that. It is more of learning how to handle your life by being self-aware to have the fortune you wish. Here the quote, “Choose wisely,” is vital as estiny is never established.

Bazi masters use the Cosmic Trilogy called “Heaven, Earth, and Man”- which can be defined as Heaven or predestined luck, Earth or the luck from the relationship between man and its surroundings, and Man or the luck as a result of man’s free-will on daily decisions. Bazi masters also conduct analysis, including your destiny chart, recommendations, and insights about every part of your life- birth data, wealth, health, relationships, and work are included. According to Kevin Foong, Bazi masters also know the reasons behind your daily struggles or stress, your characteristics, best career path, suitable business opportunity, and even the proper marriage.

Finally, who will you go for? Based on the facts you gathered, the answer depends on you and your needs. But if given the time and resources, why not choose both?

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