Finding Top SEO Expert. Secrets Exposed!

Are you looking to search for the best and top SEO expert or SEO consultant to help your website to rank in the first page, or even to be number 1 in the Google search engine?

In this article, I will share with YOU some serious tricks to find the correct SEO experts or SEO consultant for your company or website.

Just a short intro about myself, my name is Dougles Chan and I can do many wonders in search Engine and apparently I am also from the SEO industry, I do not classified myself as an SEO expert or an SEO consultant as I have move beyond that “category”… πŸ˜‰

I am called the SEO Master Shifu. There is a reason why I was labelled with that sentence because I teach people how to do SEO, and also teach SEO experts and SEO consultants to get more clients for themselves, I am like a “teacher” to the SEO experts and SEO consultants. I also give private courses to SEO agency owner too!

Anyways, going back to the question of finding the top or best SEO expert or consultants for YOURSELFS, let me give you the pointers on this matter.

1. The Top 10 and Best 20 List

There are many “top” or “best” or “Finest” website that list the top 5, top 10 or best 20 SEO experts or SEO consultants in “Your country”. In our case, it is Singapore.

The true is that these Top/Best/Finest websites have only ONE agenda, to bring alot of traffic to their website and maybe to sell you a service or you may click on some of the links so that they will earn some click money.

When I reviewed some of the list, I was laughing all the way and apprently, they do not really know what they are talking about, even people who are not in SEO industry or even not an SEO expert can become the top 10…I was laughing and crying because they do not know what they are writing.

FYI – Google loves to rank such Top/Best websites

I empthy those readers who believe those websites that writes these LIST and the people who writes are mostly “Spinners” meaning they copy from another website and rewrite it or just simple CUT and paste! Haha..

Mind you, if you are really looking for the SEO expert or SEO consultant, just be careful of the TOP LIST…

2. SEO Experts are NOT really the expert

Wow, why do I say that?

Reason is very simple, it is the true, the SEO experts or SEO consultants most of them are not really an SEO expert.

Many of the SEO personnel could have learn alot of SEO techniques and strategies, but that could be techniques and strategies that are over years ago, they did not update accordingly or even follow blindly on what other SEO experts are teaching.

Many also do not have done any SEO campaign before or they may not done it but the ranking is so bad that they may not want to show you their results.

If you are learning an SEO course from an SEO expert or SEO consultant that is giving you outdated information, will it help you?

If you outsourced your SEO campaign to an SEO expert or SEO consultant that used outdated SEO techniques to optimize your website, will your ranking be respectable?

More likely not…

Well, here is the problem, most of the so called SEO experts or SEO consultant, they are not an expert.

So be careful about it.

3. SEO Expert and SEO Consultant that ONLY knows how to Rank High in the Google Search Engine.

Sometime, if you are lucky, you maybe able to find a real SEO expert or SEO consultant that really can help you ranked to the top of the search engine.

Wow, that is nice and you will be delighted and tell yourself:

I will be rich, πŸ€‘I will become a millionaire, many people in Singapore or the country you are staying in will know who you are.

You will be famous!!! Yes!😘

Er..My friend, sorry to say that it may not work that way….

Let me pour a pail of ICE COLD WATER on your head.

Ya, I am sorry, it it not like this at all. Seriously!

Well, hear me out, give me a few minutes and YOU WILL BE GLAD that you have read the information below:

Here are some cold facts:😱

  • Ranking number 1 in Google may not get you any visitors – because the wrong keywords are optimized
  • Ranking number 1 in Google, people may not click on your website – because your TITLE and Descriptions sucks!
  • Ranking number 1 will not get and leads – because your website loads too slow
  • Ranking number 1 will not get more customers – because people who visited your website does not trust you and your brand

I could go on and on and on on why ranking #1 by the SEO expert or the SEO consultant may lead you to NOWHERE..

The reason is that the SEO expert ONLY knows how to ranked…. that is all…they are the best SEO expert, but they do not know copywriting, sales techniques, lead generations and the psychology of selling and more importantly, they are not a business person, they do not think like a BUSINESS PERSON!

Well, the SEO expert or SEO consultant that is reading this will argue…our job to to rank, and it is not about conversion to sales.

Well, true to a certain aspect but think carefully…

Why does the SEO client, if you are, wants to look and search for an SEO consultant or SEO expert?

The answer – To get more customers or client.

Yes, to get SALES!

SEO Expert : – My job is just to rank, not to get sales…πŸ₯Ά

Do you see that there is a HUGE differences in the expectation between the SEO experts and the client, which is YOU?

How do you expect the SEO expert to get sales for your website?

Most likely it will not happen.

I have seen so many business and website failed because of these HUGE differences in terms of expectations. Website owner failed in their SEO campaign because they outsource to the wrong “SEO experts”, resulting in wastage in time and resources….

Eventually the business failed….😱

I have seen many…my friends, you do not want to be ONE of them.

4. The Blood Suckers

First of all, I have to apologised for the title above but I just want to use the most appropriate words to describe some of the SEO consultants or so called SEO expert are… The are blood suckers. πŸ™„

Some of them are very charismatic and charming, some are great salesperson, you may not perceived them to be salesperson because they are so great in there rapport building skills.

But many of them are blood suckers, they know you do not know anything about SEO and they will bullshit you all the way, promised you many things but they never delivered.

Their only motive is to sell you the SEO services at the highest price. They do not really care whether you are able to rank in Google or generate any sales and there will be a contract or agreement to protect them. Hence if they never perform, the contract will protect the blood suckers.

There are cases where the freelance SEO consultant take your money and disappear. When possible, deal with a registered SEO company which has a business entity compared to a freelance consultant.

It’s not foolproof but at least it is something.

Some SEO expert will create fake testimonials and insert clients logo that they did not service so that to impress the potential clients to engage them in the SEO services, such unethical behavior happens and seriously I have come across.

Well, after painting a not so nice picture on the SEO industry, maybe you are kinda careful on the industry..

Yes you should.😬

However, a word of fairness, there are still very good SEO expert out there that cares and produce great results for their client.

Below, I will share with you some ways to snift out the real SEO expert and SEO consultant.


The SEO business is about making money, nothing wrong. So you might ask, paying tens of thousands of dollars in SEO, it is a high cost for many small companies.

The risk is high… And some companies may not be able to affort it.

Well, when you meet with an SEO consultant, or the SEO EXPERT, you need to check their SEO prices… Meaning, how much do you have to pay him or her, or the SEO company to get the SEO campaign up and running.

Most of the cases, they will quote a certain SEO PRICES… it can be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly. It can be a one time retainer fee with on going subscription or a combination of these few.

Whatever the cost is going to be, just listen them out first.. And you ask this question to the SEO experts…

Are you able to do SEO based on performance in Sales basis?

Meaning that YOU only pays the SEO guy when you get a Confirmed sale.

Be prepared that 9/10 of them will not engage in such practice.

They will give you many valid reasons why that is not possible.πŸ€”

Well, here is the thing, The real SEO expert or SEO consultant knows that by working based on performance in sales, they will yield more in the long term by many folds and they will be very willing to discuss about it.

The purpose of asking the question is NOT to suggest them that you want to work based on performances in sales.

The real reason is to test whether they are really good in their SEO skills.

A real SEO expert has no fear…

A fake SEO expert collect money first…

Quote by Dougles Chan

The next question you can ask:

Do you have any successful SEO case studies that I can see where they are increase in sales after SEO?

This is a tricky question, it stress about the increase in sales, not about ranking in Google, many SEO consultant and experts can rank very well, and most of them do not convert into sales at all.

Most will not give you good SEO case studies on this question and you can auto filter them out as they are just a ranker… An SEO expert that ranks only… No sales, no leads.

The third question you can ask:

Can I call your clients to get some possible answers to my questions? πŸ˜…

This will be the killer question, remember that the real SEO expert has no fear… They will share thee information to you without blinking their eyes…

Most SEO experts or SEO consultant will not passed the 3rd question.

If someone is able to pass the 3 questions, congratulations, there is a high chance you have landed yourself with the real SEO expert. πŸ˜‰

With this 3 tough and nasty questions, you will be able to filter out the best SEO expert in your country.

Cheers and good luck.

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