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Google SEO Riverfront Residences

Riverfront Residences is a 99 years leasehold condominium located at Hougang Ave 3 in Singapore. As a property agent or developer, you will need to have as many EYEBALLS to what you are offering to the potential buyers.

Using SEO on Riverfront Residences for your website is one of the BEST Mid to Long-term marketing strategies that will last at least 5 to 10 years and because it is long term, the cost saving compared to Facebook marketing and Google ads will be comparatively lesser at least by 80%

The idea of SEO for Riverfront Residences

First thing first – You will need to have a website for your Riverfront Residences project information, a domain name that is related to property or your own name is good enough (If you are a property agent).

You will need to create a page or some pages related to Riverfront Residences, to have videos, photos, content and necessary information related to Riverfront Residences.  Provide as much information as possible on the website related to Riverfront Residences as much you can.

The idea will be to direct relevant traffic to your website, for example, the domain I would suggest you register your name, for example, as an identity ( is not a property agent, it is just a brand related to SEO Master).

Anyways, having a unique name for your domain for yourself will be recommended in the long term as people can identify you as a brand in the property market.

Having in mind that you will be using the same domain name to do other projects such as Fourth Avenue Residences,  Parc Estam, Stirling Residences, Affinity at Serangoon or even Kent Ridge Hill Residences. When you have more projects within the same domain, Google loves the website as it brings more value to the users what is searching for Riverfront Residences.

Google loves websites that give GOOD values compare to a single domain website that intentionally uses ” Riverfront Residences ” in the domain name and only provides information related to ONLY Riverfront Residences.

Nothing wrong with it but the value is only related to that subject only. Hence in the eyes of Google, the value of the single domain focus given is lesser.

An over of the actual article over here. An article by Dougles Chan – The SEO Coach