Hey..Do I Really Need a Website for My Business?

I received a call for “HELP” this morning from a recruitment agency owner indicating that she needs help on closing more sales in order to earn more money to support her family and kids. I believe that are many one-man show recruitment agency owners out there who are doing this alone and facing huge difficulties and challenges due to the intense competition and Market Tumour.
Many of them are at a loss as to what to do because they have worked so hard for so many long hours, and many times the results of the sales are very low and sometimes even ZERO! I really pity them that they are facing this situation, and if you are reading this and have friends or relatives who are in this situation, please direct them to my website at http://www.dougleschan.com so that they can learn a few tricks to make their sales even better.
Secrets to Closing 10-20 Clients Job Assignments in One month!
Anyway, let’s focus back on the lady. I asked her how many assignments she was handling, and she said about 5-10 job assignments per month. I asked her to give me her company website (URL) so that I could do an analysis and she told me she does not have one.
I was totally shocked to know that she did not even have a website! I told her, if you want more sales, you need more job orders; to have more job orders, you need to impress the clients; to impress the clients, the first thing is that you MUST have an impressive website. I even told her that I could help her to get a very great website done at only 15-20% of market price. She told me she did not realize how important it was to have a website and
I explained further by using the CV as an example. If you are looking for a job, you need a CV. If you do not have one, would you expect the company to call you for an interview? Of course not. Hence, you must create a very good CV to create a good impression and get them to call you right?
You see, the logic is simple: in business, you need to BRAND yourself. If you are a recruitment consultant, you must also BRAND yourself; if you are an agency, you must also BRAND yourself. If you do not do this, please DO NOT expect the clients to do you a favor–in the real world it does not happen that way! So, please make the extra effort and put some resources into a good website…it is really worth it!