High Waisted Shorts Are Making A Comeback

High waisted shorts are considered a must-have on every girl’s closet today. After all, celebrities ranging from Chloe Sevigny, Leighton Meester and Agyness Deyn have been photographed sporting this clothing. This garment initially became trendy in the early seventies but is now very popular in the fashion industry. In fact, it is on its way to making a big comeback.

High waisted shorts are perfect for adding a little retro flair to a girl’s warm weather wardrobe. When worn correctly, this high waistline will have the effect of cinching a person’s middle, creating an overall flattering and a more feminine silhouette. This style draws attention to a woman’s bust and waist. In the process, it shortens the torso and makes legs appear even longer. They are ideal for girls with an hourglass, apple or banana figure.

There are several ways to wear this garment. One method is to use a ruffled blouse as a top. A button-down blouse with ruffles that cascade down the front is great, as you will appear elegant. Because the ruffles already grab attention, a plain, undecorated or monochromatic pair of shorts will work best. The gorgeous Kiera Knightly looked fabulous with a high waist plaid bottom and a black, collared blouse. Consider pulling off a look done by Zooey Deschanel by accessorizing a blue double breasted sailor shorts with black tights. Some accessories that go well with high waisted shorts include pumps, wedges and a long beaded necklace. When it comes to bags, you can complete the outfit with a short-strapped bag so the purse is above the waist.

This piece of clothing is very versatile. They are perfect for running errands when worn with flats or sandals and a simple t-shirt. When donned with heels or wedges and a semi-formal blouse, a girl can achieve a more formal yet graceful ensemble. You can find shorts with amazing details like seaming, buttons, cinching, belts and strategically placed pockets so one can wear these shorts as a focal wardrobe point or it could also complement another apparel.

Another factor which makes high waisted shorts so appealing is that these are available in a wide price range. Moreover, these can be bought in a lot of stores as well as online.

High waisted shorts are becoming very popular nowadays. They are to be seen in the stores, on the runway and are being worn by a number of famous celebrities. Everyone is showing off this trend. On a practical note, high waist shorts fit better than low rise ones on nearly every body type. The technique is to invest in a pair of shorts that fall naturally on your waistline and cling to your hips.

One should look around for a suitable fit for one’s body similar to other forms of clothing. Saying that high waisted shorts are suitable for all body types is a big generalization. One should feel very comfortable on wearing them. This fact can be a guiding point to help one find a suitable pair for oneself. High waisted shorts are ideal for women having an hourglass, straight line or apple figure. They would look bad on women having a bigger bottom since these types of shorts highlight this part of the body. A woman should go for a top that fits well and try to tuck it in if it is possible. Tops having ruffles would suit this trend very well. The tops or blouses to be worn with such shorts depend on the length, style and prints of the shorts.

One should have different types of shorts for a variety of options. A casual shirt would look better on knee length shorts instead of a dainty looking blouse. High waisted shorts would look good with chic blouses. One could opt for a blouse having butterfly sleeves which can be tucked in the upper waist portion in order to emphasize the style of the shorts. One could pair it with ankle boots or cuffed heels. One should have the perfect top to match the pair of shorts. If a woman happens to like the shape of her legs she should opt for high waisted shorts made of a material that can stretch so that she is able to move around and they should not dig into the hips and create bulges that are unsightly. One could opt for a loose fitting long top in order to hide the waistband so that nobody comes to know that the waistband is around the belly button. This combination can be used in order to flaunt specific body parts like wearing a top with a low neckline to show off a décolletage that is flawless.

If you keep a watch on the latest trends in fashion you will notice a variety of high waists being displayed at fashion shows. Many people from the fashion industry are interested in them. Several fashion magazines feature celebrities in this type of clothing. We have seen high waisted shorts in Hollywood movies of yore and used to think of them as style statements that are outdated. We have to admit that they look elegant.

If you are wondering about how to wear high waisted shorts, you will be glad to know that you can wear them to achieve a formal or an informal look. They look the best with a thin belt and a great looking top. This style of clothing would show off your waistline and legs well. You would want to wear your shirt or top, tucked in. It would make the torso look smaller and give an illusion of length to the lower body.

You can choose from a wide range of styles of tops that would look great with such clothing. These could include tank tops and shirts that can be tucked in. Ruffled blouses look great if you want to look soft and feminine. You may also wish to opt for blouses in a filmy material. Crop tops and shirts look especially great with shorts. Some celebrities have also been spotted wearing tight shorts, that have a high waist, with a bulky jacket.

Your choice of fabric for the shorts would depend on the kind of look you want to create. They are available in a wide range of materials including denim, cotton, wool and velvet. You may like to choose dark hues such as black, navy and gray for shorts that you intend to wear for your evenings out. Lighter colors such as blue, yellow, khaki and beige look great during the day time.

If you intend to wear them to your workplace, then team it with a buttoned up shirt and appropriate footwear. Your footwear would also be dependent on the look that you want to create. For an informal look you can consider wearing lace ups or a pair of comfortable sandals. If you intend to go trekking or exploring the outdoors, then opt for a pair of sturdy boots. For an evening out, match your attire with a pair of heels. High heeled wedges would make your legs look longer.

Choose your accessories carefully when you intend to wear high waisted shorts. You can select from thin belts in materials such as plastic and leather. Decorative belts would also look great. A long bead necklace that ends at the waistline would make the outfit look more interesting. Use a hand bag that has a short strap and ends above your waistline. This would ensure that it does not take away attention from the waist down.

Are you one of those few who are blessed with an hourglass figure? Then you can flatter yourself more with high waisted shorts. For it will compliment the absolute sublimity of your figure. Or maybe you are one who has narrow hips and slim thighs compared to your broad shoulder, fatter abdomen and chest – a perfect apple figure that is. These shorts will look awesome on you as well. And also on those with the banana or straight figure, figure that is a touch masculine with strong bottoms.

Thus, compared to low-rise shorts ones are more democratic. High waisted shorts have always been known for their elegance. We may be reminded of Hollywood hotties of yesteryear donning them. The sheer elegance of these shorts has caught on with the present generation as well. Celebrities of the day are being spotted in these shorts more and more.

High waisted shorts have to be worn properly in order to exude the desired persona. The combo should be right. You need to wear them with the right kind of blouses or tops. Try wearing frilled tops with these shorts. Also butterfly-sleeved blouses will do great. So will low-necked, strapless and other types of tops. The key is to emphasize the style of these shorts, which can be done by wearing blouses that are short or fitter, or a shirt that can be tucked in, a touch above the waistline maybe. Don’t forget a dainty belt and matching footwear to complete the dazzling look.

Blazers and cardigans with it is yet another emphatic style statement. Imagine yourself wrapped in a black cardigan over a white top and a black high waist short. Enough reason to invite drools, you bet.

Some high waisted shorts may be a little low-rise compared to others. These are called Ruby shorts. The shorts that resemble skirts are called Megan shorts. The Bella shorts of the variety are famous for being comfy.