How Does QMDJ (奇门遁甲) can help your Business Decision?

Today we are going to talk about how Qi Men Dun Jia can actually help your business.

I have a client who is in the videography business and specializes in wedding videography. At the end of his peak period, he is hoping and wanting to diversify into other areas of photography. Within this photography industry, there are things like weddings, corporate events, and portraits for families. So, he asked me this question: “Based on the current situation, is it a good time to venture into corporate videography?” He also wants to focus on event photography.

After I did a tabulation of the current chart, I actually told him that it’s not the right time if he wants to venture into event photography and corporate photography. His business would lose money. Based on this very precise information given to him at that point in time, he actually stopped and did not venture further into this event videography and corporate videography. Hence, it saved him a lot of money because if he wanted to go into another sector, although it is still the same photography business, he would need to spend effort, time, energy, and money in terms of investment for the particular sector.

I am very glad to inform you that even now, he is still in the photography business and is actually getting a lot of clients for himself.

This is how Qi Men Dun Jia can help in this business of decision-making.

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