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How I “HACK” into the Job Assignment Advertisement and Discover the Clients Contact Details

Yesterday afternoon I was doing a personal mentoring with my student and we were discussing about how to generate job orders and also doing some filtering to ensure that the job orders are real and valid. During the mentoring session I demonstrate the ability to retrieve ANY competitor job orders and discover their client contact details even if the information is not there….
This is what we have done:
1) Go to and search for a job assignment by ANY recruitment firm that we targeted.
2) Read the advertisement and understand the information.
3) Digest the information on the advertisement and find a “loop-hole”
4) Focus on the “loop-hole” and do further research.
5) Within 30 seconds we had discovered that this job assignment are being service by more than 10 recruitment agencies and on top of that we also discover who the client is, their company name and contact person.
My student looked at my eyes and said…Oh…..this is interesting…..
I asked the student and said: If you have a really suitable candidate and you KNOW that the company is open to hiring from an agency, do you think you can close this case?
The answer is YES.
The student infact can bypass all the recruitment agencies and contact the potential client immediately and discuss about the position and possible even close the case because all the other agencies had already path the way for the student! This student had save so much time and resources and can get the case close faster, easier and with almost minimum effort!
In fact, the method we are using is so potent that almost any agencies who are working on the cases will “lost” the deal with this “HIjack” method, this type of “ATTACKING” technique is hardly used by agencies because they do not know it exist and of course perhaps they haven never even heard about it.
With the market tumour where companies do not give the agencies the exclusiveness, it is very difficult for recruitment agencies to get the order and really close the case. Most of them will use plenty of resources in term of time, effort and money and eventually the results will be almost ZERO…. With the HIJACK method use above, the problem gets worsen.
Anyhow such “HIJACK” method used is totally legal is because the method uses information that are public information and at such anyone can see the information and will not cross any lines and with such knowledge one will be able to be at an upper hand compared to any recruitment consultants out there.
You see, information does make a difference between whether a person is successful or not….

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