How to be a Successful Businessman

What is a successful businessman?

(By the way, the term businessman applies to man and women.)
In my own definition, I would like to describe it as:

  • A person who owns a few business or companies
  • A person that has a healthy lifestyle
  • A person that has a few great friends,
  • A person that has a wonderful family,
  • A person that is earning good money and profits,
  • A person that contributes to the society as a whole.

In fact, to be a successful businessman is not easy, really, I am not joking.
It is one of the toughest trade one can go for, it is actually far much easier to work for other people than to be a businessman, not talking about successful businessman.
However, I would like to give my ultimate respect to people who are already a businessman or intending to become a businessman.
The journey is tough, hectic and usually can be very lonely.
Many will be mocked by friends and family members, and many actually lead to financial failure.
Those who are successful as a businessman will enjoy huge financial rewards.
Alright, let us get back to the topic of how to be a successful businessmen.
In the last 30 years in business, some are very successful, many are not successful but I have learned from the mistakes and share the important points over here.
I have narrow down the list of “must have” to be a real successful businessman. Of course some of them might not be applicable due to your business environment and respective country too

1) Having a open mind.

Yes, you need to have an open mind, I intentionally put this as the number 1 requirement to be a successful businessman because this is one of the MAIN key factors that makes me successful.
Whatever how crazy the suggestions or the information can be presenting in front of you, you will need to adopt and accept with an open mind.
Take for example, about 20 years ago, Email marketing was presented to me as one of the best tool to reach out the thousands and thousands of clients in a single click, I was open enough to use it and until today, 20 years later, I am still using it effectively to reach out to more clients.
In the current technology, some companies suggested to use artificial intelligent to replace manual work in computer, I was open enough and I use them to make it easier and automate the entire process in mundane work. This save me tonnes of hours everyday and focus my time to do more things at a lesser time.
Remember there are always other things that is BETTER, there are always something that is more ADVANCE. Even if you are using the best techniques, technologies and methods, there will be something better eventually. So always keep your mind open as much as possible.

2) Very High Teachability Index

Teachability Index is an indicator to determine how a person is teachable, which means that your ability to able to learn new information and the ability to use the information and implement them.
For example, if I were to teach you the skillset of email marketing within 2 hours, but you do not use the method to reach out to more potential customers, then your teachability index will be low.

2) Desire to be RICH

This is one of the key componant to be a suceesful businessman, you need to have that desire to make money, I mean lots of money, not just a few thousands of dollars per month but tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.
Later on I will show you how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.
Anyway, MONEY is the motivator to pull you to get you out of bed everyday, the desire to use the money to buy anything that you love and do what you like to do.
That is to become RICH with plenty of cash in your bank.
But hey, I have to let you know that desire of money or desire to be rich is not a SIN, it is very normal for any businessman, it is the BASIC and a MUST for any successful businessman.

Money is the KEY motivator too! 

2) LifeLong Learning is a Must

Here is a good news – Whatever you learn TODAY can be USELESS tomorrow.
Well, how does not become a good news?
Reason is you will learn something NEW everyday. You must adopt to the current market situation, the overall business direction and environment.
There is no point hanging on to a workable “formula” that is working 10 years ago and believes it will still work today.
Technology is so advance today that you will need to be very very fast in adapting to it.
Why lifelong learning is critical, for example, if you are good in speaking to the public and do not know anything about how social media works, you will need to spend time, effort and money to learn from the expert who are able to show you the rope easily and effectively.
You might asked, I am so good in public speaking, why should I know about social media marketing ? I do not think I really need to know that topic.
You see, you will never know what the topic of social media marketing topic might help you in your public speaking, it could be the critical difference between whether you are successful or not.
Even if you are not willing to pay for the training, you can go to Google and search for related topics, even Youtube is a great source to learn a new subject.
Having say that, you must always remember something, whatever you learn in the public domain are generally basic information, if you need to get quality learning, you will need to pay for it and usually you will get more from paying for the learning.

I believe that good things are not FREE, free things are not so good.