How to increase your Indirect Wealth

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How do you increase your indirect wealth? Hello, my name is Dougles Chan. I am a Qi Men Dun Jia teacher. Today, I am going to share with you some interesting ways to increase your indirect wealth. You can try it out and then see whether it works for you.

Before we understand how to improve indirect wealth, we must understand what it really means. Any activities that require you to create wealth, for example, the stock market, things related to cryptocurrency, bitcoin, forex, 4d, gambling, casino, playing cards with friends and making money from them, are indirect ways of creating wealth. Technically, that is called “indirect wealth.” So, in order to enhance your indirect wealth, you have to understand, based on your individual character, the relationship in your chart, which means your Bazi. The Bazi chart is based on your date of birth, the time of birth, and the city of birth. And by making some adjustments, we will be able to see your relationship with the indirect well: whether it is going to be good or not good. If your luck is not good, no matter what you do in terms of activities, it is going to be very tedious to make money from that. Your luck and the amount of money that you make may not be that significant in that aspect. So, you will likely lose money.

We also have to see the relationship in terms of your palaces, which means the indirect wealth palaces, which is called the Injury Door. In Chinese, we call it “Shang Men”. If your Shang Men correspond with other symbols that may not be so fantastic, your amount of money that you make and your luck over there may not be so strong at all. Having said that, these are the two factors that we have to look at. If they are okay as a neutral point of view, we have to enhance them. In terms of the five elements (Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal, Water) within the palaces within the chart of your Bazi, then you are able to use it to enhance the indirect wealth.

Assuming that you are somebody who is an Earth person and your Injury Door is actually the Earth. So, in order to enhance the Injury Door in terms of your luck in indirect wealth, you have to make the earth enhanced. In order to enhance that particular earth, you will need fire. Fire enhances the Earth. Fire relates to things with purple, red, pink, and orange colors. You may want to wear certain things that are purple, red, pink, or orange to enhance your area.

That is something which you have to know. It is not expensive. It is just a change of clothes. You don’t really have to buy any Feng Shui items to enhance your luck. Basically, it is just a change in how you wear or what you wear. The thing that you have to understand is that you have to base it on your Bazi chart to see the indirect, which is the Injury Door. You need to see the relationship between that palace and yourself; see the palace as a whole with your Day Stem. If both of them are in harmony, your luck with this indirect wealth will be pretty interesting. However, if as a whole, it is not really that interesting, which means your relationship is not great, there is a counter-producing effort, within the door. It does not have any good symbols, and you try to enhance the luck, it may not really work. It means that sometimes it is quite pre-distinct that you do not have the luck in the gambling or even stock market. So, just be a bit mindful that not everybody is able to have luck. But we can enhance to a certain bit as long as we know that the relationship in the very first place is good. From there, we can use different colors, different methods to enhance it.

Okay, my name is Dougles Chan. If you want to learn more about indirect luck, direct luck, or even how to do Bazi reading or Qi Men Dun Jia, you can come to my classes, and then I will do an interview with you to see whether you are suitable to learn. I will see you around. Thanks for reading.

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