How to be Successful Tip #2 | By Dougles Chan – Qimen Teacher

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When you want to be successful, there is another thing that you have to be very focused on, and that is extremely very important. That is your health being successful without good health or reasonable health. I would consider it not being successful because to enjoy success, to enjoy the process of achieving your goals, apparently you need to have reasonable or healthy health. So what you need to do is you have to walk, you have to run, you have to exercise regularly and, apparently, you also have to eat moderately. That means you don’t just purposely eat whatever things that you like to eat, because there’s a lot of food that’s available on the market. You’ve always been bombarded with a lot of advertisements telling you how good the food is, how tasty the food is, how you’re going to enjoy the food, how much this cow is going to have, and over there the food that you’re going to eat is total junk, and this total junk is going to cause your health to be extremely unhealthy, and eventually your heart, your body, your brain, your skin, everything will deteriorate. From that, you get sick. And after that, because of whatever is going to transform in your body, you’ll become more lazy and you’ll have less time or energy to exercise. So you have to break the pattern. That means two patterns: one year of exercising regularly every day, and every single day making a small effort to do something. Get active. That means you want to clean certain things. You have to move certain things. Just be active. Walk five minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes regularly every single day. Just get out of this house and move. You see, get under the sunlight and then from there, slowly improve your progress. Get some weights. Heavy lifting is okay. You know increase your metabolism slowly even if you do not have the energy, just do something, just do something to make sure that you’re active because to be active and to be successful you need to be healthy; as simple as that you see so get out of this video go and do some exercise and eat more healthier, more green as long as this green color usually it should be fine. And have less meat, less sugar, fewer canned drinks. From there, I wish you the best of health. Good luck to you!

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