How to be Successful Tip #7 | By Dougles Chan – Qimen Teacher

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How to be successful, tip 7. Today I am going to share with you this particular interesting topic related to communicating with yourself.

A lot of people are always focusing on communicating with other people. Today, I am going to focus on communicating with yourself. When we communicate with ourselves, what is it that is very important? Sometimes, we call it self-sabotage, which means we tell ourselves that we are not good enough. We tell ourselves that we are not handsome or pretty enough. We tell ourselves that we are not able to do a certain project. You see, this is what we call self-communication. That means we tell ourselves certain pieces of information that may be very damaging to ourselves and to our future. It will hinder our process of being successful. Because of that, we have to be very mindful of what we tell ourselves.

Are we trying to tell ourselves that we are not good enough? Is it really true, or is it because we have never done it before? Because of that, we tell ourselves that we are not good enough. This is something very interesting because the majority of people have this problem. They have never gone through a certain process before. They have not done a certain job before. For whatever reason, they tell themselves that I am not good enough, I am not handsome enough, I am not pretty enough, I can’t maintain it with the relationship, I can’t maintain this business for whatever reason, because I know that I am not good enough. Are you telling yourself that? So, we call this particular devil. That means something inside you is always telling you that you are not good enough. Always be very mindful of this particular devil. This always makes yourself smaller. 

You’re supposed to be successful. You’re supposed to be happier. You’re supposed to be wealthier and healthier. But because of this particular devil, who is telling you that you cannot, you will not, and you should not do it. It is so destructive that it affects your life tremendously.

What happens if you have another angel telling you that you can do it? Why not try it? There is nothing wrong with it. You are able to be successful. You have the capability. You have the experience. You have the knowledge. You are able to do that particular thing. You will be very successful when you have this angel keep telling you this. Sometimes, we call it optimizing. 

It’s yourself that’s telling you whether you can or cannot. This angel and this devil are within you and you can control them. You can always tell yourself that you are able to do it. Sometimes, the devil will take over, so when the thing never takes over, you always say, “Okay, devil, move away. I have more opportunities. I want to spend more time with the angel and I want to be positive. Get out of my house. I will kick you out and then you are no longer welcome in my area. ” You see, it can be controlled. Of course, it will not always go away. It will not always be totally deleted, but sometimes it will come back. So, be very mindful that it’s always telling you that you cannot do it and make sure that you have the capacity to do it in terms of experience, knowledge. You can and you will do it for the better of yourself. In order to be successful, always embrace the angel and kick the devil out of your zone. From there, I wish you very much success in whatever you do.

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