How to increase Direct Wealth?

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How to increase your direct wealth? Before we understand how to increase direct wealth, we must understand what direct wealth under Qi Men Dun Jia really means. Direct wealth is classified as something related to business, anything that you buy and sell and you make a profit, and you do not get a salary that is called direct wealth. That means you make money from a specific transaction. Anything related to forex, cryptocurrency, 4D, and gambling is classified as indirect wealth. You must know the differences.

To enhance the direct wealth of a person, the first thing is that we need to understand your relationship with your Bazidestiny. That means your birth chart. Based on your birth date and time, we plot a chart and see what your relationship is personally with this particular symbol, which is called direct wealth. If your relationship with them is good, at least if you want to do business, you should be able to make money in the long run. But at the same time, if you do not have a good relationship, well, don’t worry too much. You can still do business. It is just that it will get a little bit tougher compared to somebody who has a good relationship. That is one way of looking at it.

Secondly, we are looking at the particular symbol of direct wealth. Then we have to see what the doors are available, what the symbols are within the particular palace, and what the overall condition is. If the overall condition is not so fantastic, the ability for you to make money in business may not be so strong. These are the two things that we have to look at in terms of relationships and the information about that particular palace, which is in the box and in the 9 palaces. 

Can we enhance our direct wealth luck?

Somehow, we are able to amplify the energy of our luck in direct wealth. There are some ways to do that. We need to understand the relationship first and the condition of your chart, which is a direct wealth indicator. From there, we will know what to do. 

I will give you an example. Last time, my direct wealth was not so good. After going through a certain exercise, I realized that in order to enhance my luck in direct wealth, I actually have to make certain adjustments. What is an adjustment? For example, I am wearing red clothes now. If you notice, most of the clothes I wear are red, purple, or even orange. I don’t wear pink. The color red represents fire, so I am actually an Earth person. It  actually enhances myself within the business which is the direct wealth. So, creating a lot of energy within myself to amplify myself in terms of energy. That is one way to create the kind of element to element producing method. But of course, whether you believe it or not, that’s another story. Anyway, there is no harm. 

Of course, everybody will be different, so just understand your color code and choose what is more suitable for you. From there, you will just try it for like 3 months or 6 months. Then if it works in some way without any explanation, just carry on. But just be mindful so that you do not overdo it. Some people actually ask me: Can I change my hair to a red color? I mean, just be more cautious about it. Don’t overdo it because if your working environment does not allow you to change the color of your hair, it might not be the most advisable thing to do.

Eventually, you have to look at the bigger picture. That means if you want to change the color red or any color that is good for you, just change it moderately and try it out for at least three to six months and see what happens.

If you are able to make your life better or you have more business coming in because of change, then you should probably just drop me a message and let me know your good news about it. All this information I am sharing with you is actually free. You must find the right color that is going to enhance you. I am not talking about the Day stem, I am talking about direct wealth. Qi men Dun Jia is actually more detailed and more precise in this information. These are the information I can share with you related to enhancing your direct wealth. Thanks for reading.

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