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How To Become An SEO Expert & Make $100K Or More

What is SEO?

It is the process of Search Engine Optimization.

In SEO, it is basically split into 2 processes, the on-page SEO and off-page SEO. This will be the actual process and it will be on-going basis.

It is a process that makes your website to be favourable to Google Spider and real human so that they will like your website and in the process, your ranking of your website will be push higher in Google search engine so that it will be seem by more people basing on a specific search words.

Do take note that SEO is an ongoing process.

What is an SEO Expert – An SEO Expert is person that has very good knowledge about SEO and able to help and make the website to be ranked on the 1st page of Google Search Engine. Generally, they should have many years of SEO hands-on experiences in ranking websites to 1st page of Google.

How much Salary can an SEO Expert gets?

Generally, in the first world country, we will be able to see an SEO Expert who is working for a company be getting US$50,000 to US$100,000 per year.

If the SEO expert is having his own SEO agency, the person should be able to make easily USD$100,000 of sales per year. There are cases when the SEO Agency make sales of over millions of dollars every year, which are pretty common in the SEO industry.

Basically, there is no limit on how much an SEO expert can make in terms of sales when they operates their SEO agency.

Do you need to Sales as an SEO Expert?

Well, this question is interesting, some SEO experts focus just on the backend process of SEO. At such, they only earn a fixed salary every month, some SEO experts also do the role of generating clients and closing the SEO clients. They do earn a salary plus other incentives such as commissions and additional allowances. Hence, to answer the question whether you need to do sales as an SEO expert:

The answer will depends on the company that is hiring you. 

How to become an SEO Expert (Technically):

1) Have a solid background in terms of knowledge in SEO, more importantly, the latest methods of SEO and strategies. Remember that the more you KNOW about SEO, the less your SEO campaign will be effectively. Choose only a selected effective methods of SEO only and just focus on that area. There is no need to learn everything about SEO to be successful. 

2) Hand-on at least 2-3 years optimizing websites

3) Have experiences in “healing” a problem website. Meaning that they are able to help a problem website to fixed their problems if it is “sick” or “over-optimised. 

4) Have a clear understanding that ranking high with the correct keywords are important. That is to say, your keyword research skill out to be very good.

5) Constant upgrade themselves every 6 months to learn new SEO techniques and strategies

6) They should have a passion for numbers, meticulous and detailed in nature.

7) More SEO experts are introvert by nature as the job scope itself is very hands-on. However, there are SEO experts that are pretty extrovert too!

8) Must know many SEO tools, the basic like Google Console, Google Analytic, SEMRush, Rank Ranger, SERanking, etc

9) Good to have html knowledge, but not really very important. There are many plugins available to help you.

10) You will need to define what kind of SEO expert you would like to be, a technical SEO expert or an SEO consultant that focus more on relationship building (Selling).

Becoming an SEO expert is not just about taking a video course online and you are an SEO expert, you will need to gain plenty of hands-on experiences in many industry so that you will have the SEO experiences. SEO books, blogs and videos are good for knowledge, you will still need to experiences it and go through the process.

There are many SEO courses that are available online, however, do take note that most of them are pretty outdated hence do be careful on what you are learning. 

Anyway, I wish you the best in your SEO career to become an SEO Expert!