How to Become the Best Bazi Master in Singapore

Many Feng Shui Masters and Bazi Masters wants to become Best Bazi Master in Singapore, some of them got great skills and ability and with good Feng Shui skills and Bazi reading skills that is able to helpe you to calculate bazi.

However, most of them they are not very good in creating the awareness and market themselves to be the Best Bazi Master in Singapore. In this special step-by-step article, we will cover some of the strategies you can do to become the Best Bazi Master in Singapore.

Step 1 – Creating a unique identity

You see, there are thousands and thousands of Bazi masters that provides bazi reading and bazi analysis out there, there are even bazi apps and Bazi Calculators out that that is so advance that may scare away traditional bazi masters in Singapore.

Fear not on the technology, embrace them and use them when needed, they are your friends instead of a foe. The bazi reading world out there is messy and you will need to create a unique identity for yourself, why so, you may ask. And what does creating a unique identity means?

Creating a unique identity means that you need to create a different BRAND compared to a normal bazi master. Don’t just be another one out there, what is so different that people have to engage your services rather than another bazi master that is perceived to be more famous, more trustworthy and cheaper!

Why create a unique identity? Reason is simple, to differentiate you compared to the rest of the bazi masters out there. so that people can remember you, identify you and able to be impressed with you.