How to Choose the Right Sexy Leggings for You

            If there is one thing you shouldn’t bargain when choosing the right sexy leggings is to make sure it is 100% opaque. No ifs and buts about that. Sexy leggings don’t mean you can see your skin right through it when you wear it. You don’t want to be the next meme subject on the internet, do you?  Before you go on a shopping spree, take a quick read at the tips we we’ve collated for you to choose the right sexy leggings. 

  1. Consider your leg’s length. Not all women have the same length of legs. Some are shorter, others are slimmer. Some are longer. When choosing leggings, make sure it emphasizes your legs. There are four lengths of leggings. Stirrup length, ankle length, mid-calf length or capri, and knee length. The length which is everyone’s favorite is the stirrup or ankle length leggings. You can’t go wrong with this length especially when paired with high heeled shoes. It’s the default length for all women. If you have short legs, you better avoid capri or mid-calf length leggings. Women with plus-sized body frames should also avoid this length. Mid-calf length leggings are best for women with slim legs.
  • Consider the kind of leggings you need. The rise in demand for leggings, triggered companies to create different kinds. High waisted leggings and booty lifting leggings are great examples. Other kinds include scrunch butt leggings and booty lifting leggings. All of which made it to the top charts popular to wear by women. When considering which kind suits you best, it is also important to consider its use. You may refer to #2. What kind of work do you intend to wear them for? If you’re wearing them to the office, high waisted leggings are best paired with a long-collared flow top. When going to the gym, your best choices would be booty lifting leggings.  High waisted workout leggings and scrunchy butt leggings are also the best. These kinds provide the best muscle support.
  • 3. Consider the material type of your leggings. Comfort should be among the major considerations when choosing your perfect leggings. The material composing your leggings determines this comfort. What type of material are you comfortable wearing in? Are you a cotton, spandex, wool, or lycra? The answer to this might come from knowing #2. Your leggings’ comfort ability to wear might also depend to the kind of activities you intend to do. For everyday wear, a cotton high waisted leggings are probably the most comfortable. Cotton is a soft fabric. It is breathable. It might not be best for exercise. You should go for spandex. It can give you the muscle support you need while lifting weights or doing stretching.

Now that you know what to consider choosing the right sexy leggings, I’m sure on your next shopping it will go easy. It also saves you time to know what to look for. You know it’s the one the moment you feel the fabric and your heart skips a little.