Generating more clients for recruitment agency for some people are very tough.

Generating more clients for recruitment agency for some people are very tough. In fact, every single day,  I am being bombarded with many agencies owners and recruitment consultants all over the world from Australia, UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Africa, USA, India, Middle East and many others seeking help on how to generate clients for them effectively.

Today, will like to share some valuable tips on rapport building to generate more recruitment agency clients.

Rapport building is a process where your create similarities with the other party you are talking or meeting them in order to gain trust and confidence and with that it could lead to many positive events that could happen and one possible outcome is that the potential prospects will become your long team client, some people use this rapport building technique so well that they are able to convert almost anyone to become their good friend without the other party figuring out why.

Rapport building is in fact extremely powerful and lethal, using it well at the right time and environment will create many wonders for you and your offerings.

Let me give you an example on how to generate clients using rapport building skill.

When I reached a clients office and introduced myself as the representative of company “ABC”. I gave him the firm hand-shake to showcase my extreme confidence.

I noticed the manager is holding a mobile phone – iPhone 10 , I recalled how I also had the same model and at that very instant, I started to highlight about his iPhone 10 and also mentioned about the DISADVANTAGES, I intentional did not mention about the advantages because from my observation I realized he is more lean towards gossiping about the negative side rather than positive side.

As we were discussing about the negative aspects of the tablet, I notice he was very keen in the topic and I continue to gossip further about the tablet.

Within a few minutes I had aligned to the “direction” I was looking for, to be in “TUNED” with me…after talking about the tablet, I began to switch to another topic about how neat and comfy his office is and I can see that this actually boost his ego about the company and that is what I wanted.

Although it is not a must to polish the boots of the other person, it is always good to give sincere compliment to them or things related to them. Some nice and sincere words will usually help.

After I aligned his thinking, gaining his trust and boosting his ego a little bit, I start to discuss about the main topic and he explained to me how difficult his company is not able to find good staff for the company.

With that I also start to related real stories about his industry that are also having this problem and from there I showcased on how I managed to solve the client problem within a short time.

This actually is called “Stealth Selling” where you are selling your product and services without actually going through the hard selling process.

With the real example of the previous client problem solved, I am able to build a strong confidence and let him know that I have the ability to help him and solve his problem and within the next 30 minutes, he shows me the positions he needed to be filled and the job order was given to me exclusively.

After which the order was fulfilled within a short span of time where it build further confidence and trust. With that the client became a loyal client for a very long period of time.

Rapport building is actually a skill and cannot be learn via through reading, you will need to be on the ground to test, evaluate and see how it will help you.

You will need to go through plenty of rounds of failure before you actually start to see some lights and answers, it takes times and sometime it can be quite long.

However, you need to be persistent and learn from every mistake or error that you had made. Never stop learning and use rapport building extensively because it will help you in almost anything that you do.

Cheers and good luck!