How to Positioned Yourself as the Top Feng Shui Master in Singapore

I was amazed by the number of people who searches on Google on Feng Shui Master Singapore and Feng Shui Master locating in Singapore, the total search volume is about 2,000, which means that that averagely, there are about 2,000 potential people, be it potential customers or competitors searching for this search term.

Probably, there are many potential customers searching for Feng Shui Master itself in Singapore…haha

And yes, it is important that many people would like to be at the very top of the top page of Google, whether by “bluffing” Google which it will not work by making their URL to be or or even Some even go to the extent of naming their company name as Feng Shui Master…etc, which I find it very funny.

But anyway, such deliberate act to make themselves to be top in Google is outdated and will not work, let me share with you some simple and yet effective strategies as the top feng shui master in Singapore.

Read on…

Here is a tough question is:

if you are that bloody good in the feng shui, do you think you will have a problem getting new clients?

The answer is NO. You will NEVER need to search for clients; the clients will search for you.

How can you really do that? You will need to raise your level much higher than ALL the other thousands and thousands of competitors out there who self proclaimed themselves as Feng Shui Master in Singapore, Bazi Master or even QiMen Master out there.

How do you stand out from them rest?

Here is the thing:

Do not just be another one of them, because if you position and label yourself as one of them, you will end up like them – dying quietly in desperation.

Seriously, don’t be just another Feng Shui Master out there…Your business will die eventually.

Eventually you will quit your feng shui office or shop, if you are selling those useless feng shui items which are mostly useless.

The strategy is to become the Top Feng Shui master is actually very simple – Make yourself in high demand.

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Positioning

Position yourself as an expert in a specific industry – Whether it is Bazi calculation or baz reading, Bazi Analysis, Feng Shui, Qi men Dun jia or others, remember that there are many school s of thoughts in the Chinese Metaphysics, you do not need to know everything in the Chinese Metaphysics, the reason is simple, the more you study, the more confused you can be.


Read a lot of books, magazines, newspapers, and trade e-zines. Interact with as many people of the industry as possible within only ONE Sector you would like to be.

Get to know a lot of people. Do not focus on anything else, I repeat, DO NOT do any other sectors. FOCUS on only ONE sectors only. Period.

2. Website & Blogging

Create your blog website under your own brand name. If you want to have a company URL, go ahead, but your brand should be YOUR NAME, not your company name.

Do not use any free blogs. The reason is simple: it’s all about branding.

Every 1-2 days, write an article about anything related to your industry and put it in your blog.

Make it something useful that has an impact. Let people know that you are REALLY GOOD at what you are doing.

3. Ease of Surfing Your Website

Make your website easy to surf. Also, create a brand, a tagline, and a great logo. Add good quality photos when possible, some people will perceived whether you are a quality Feng Shui master basing on what they are seeing.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to the maximum; optimize your website so that people can search for you or related keywords in your industry. Whether you are going to use Feng Shui Master Singapore as the keywords, that could be a choice, obviously, you will need more that 10-20 sets of keywords to start off if you are intending to use SEO as a form of marketing for your website and your branding

5. Talks & Seminars

Give free talks and seminars on related topics. Let the public know you are an expert in your field; take a lot of pictures of the talks and seminars and put them in your blog.

Use sites like,,, etc. Let everyone see that you exist and are active in the metaphysics industry.

6. Social Media

Use major social media and add a lot of friends. Such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram. Update them often.

7. Price

NEVER ever negotiate a price with a NEW client; it is about your positioning. Tell NEW clients your fees are fixed. If you are going to lose this client, so be it. It is perfectly fine. There are always free loaders everywhere.

8. Don’t save money on small stuff.

If you need to get your website up, get a top web designer; if you need a good business card, get a professional to do it for you. Never try to save a few dollars to sacrifice quality–you will lose a lot of clients when you engage in such activities.

9. Professional Image

Spend a lot of time on your professional image: personal grooming, public speaking, and soft skills. You will need all of these to attract the top clients.

Here you go, some great tips to position yourself as the top Feng Shui Master in Singapore.

10. Google Business

Secure your Google Business listing as fast as possible basing on your name or company name, If you are working alone, it will be good to use your own name, else use a business name. This will allow people to give reviews on your services and write testimonials on you. This will be a good boost to you public image too.