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How to Use Twitter to Market your Company

Twitter is one of the most important social networking sites today. Twitter has around 280 million active users. Around 500 million tweets are posted every day.

Twitter is also used to generate leads and attract new customers. It is also a great way to liven the image of your brand. This powerful social networking site is also one the most effective ways to promote your product and your brand.

Here are some of the ways that you can use Twitter to market your product and your company:

1. Identify your purpose for creating a Twitter account.

Before you create a Twitter account for your business, you have to identify your purpose. Are you using your Twitter account to generate leads? Are you using your Twitter account to build your brand? Are you using your Twitter account to share information and ideas?

2. You have to ensure that your Twitter account reflects your brand.

When you set up your Twitter account, you have to make sure that your brand reflects your brand. You can do this by doing the following:

  • markandstaceyssurfersshop”.

Notice how the format makes the name difficult to read and even somewhat changes the branding. A better handle would be simply “@markandstaceys”. You can also consider using an underscore as in “@surfer_shop” if the phrase “Surfer Shop” can easily be associated with the brand anyway.

  • Use your company logo as your Twitter photo – Many businesses do not recognize the importance of using your business logo as your company photo. Using your logo as your Twitter photo gives you an instant opportunity to market your product. Also, take into consideration that your profile photo usually appears as a small icon, so intricate logos will lose details. For example, if your logo has a tagline beneath it, then people will no longer be able to read the tagline. You can opt to use a simplified version of your logo instead. Twitter profiles also allow you to upload a banner photo. You can use larger images for that.
  • Also, get your account verified. There may be users who will sign up on Twitter pretending to be you, a representative of your company, or your company’s official Twitter account. This can lead to a public relations disaster, especially if the account was created to damage your reputation. A verified Twitter account has a blue check beside the name. This is a privilege that celebrities and businesses take advantage of as they are the ones most vulnerable to fake accounts being created under their name. Contact Twitter on how you can get verified as their policies change. They will require you to send them an application for verification.

3. Define your Twitter strategy.

It is important to define your Twitter strategy. Do you want to communicate more information to your Twitter followers or do you want to listen to their ideas and feedback? If your goal is to influence other people and promote or sell your product, your Twitter strategy must be communication-based. You have to attract attention. To do this, you have to tweet often. You also need to send direct messages and engage more Twitter users.

If your goal is to learn about your potential customers, perform market analysis, or provide customer service to your clients, your Twitter strategy should be to listen. In this case, you have to use Twitter filtering tools like Twitter lists and hashtags.

4. Tweet at least ten times a day to keep your brand name visible on the Twitter Newsfeed.

It is important to tweet at least ten tweets every day. Your tweet can contain links to your website or some relevant resource. Take a look at the tweets of your competitors and other accounts with a lot of followers to get inspiration on how you can be interesting and worth following on Twitter.

5. Create a certain Twitter persona that your audience can relate to.

If you want to capture the interest of your audience, you have to create a persona that your clients can relate to. You have to create a brand personality that your clients could certainly relate to. There are five major types of brand personality: sincerity, excitement, ruggedness, competence, and sophistication. You can choose which type of brand personality you want to adopt, so all your Tweets should sound like they are something your brand personality would say.

6. Find your keywords.

If you are using your Twitter account for marketing purposes, you might want to use the Google Keyword Planner to find the right keywords that make up your market or your niche. You need to tap into existing marketing traffic. It is not a wise idea to build traffic from scratch. It is best to identify the existing keywords that your existing and potential customers use to find your product.

7. Identify your hashtags.

A hashtag is a tool used to make a word more searchable. You need to place a # before a word to create a hashtag. Hashtags allow subscribers to tap into conversations on Twitter. Hashtags will help you discover the trending conversations among Twitter users. Hashtags will help you identify and connect with people who may be interested in your products and your services.

There are many tools that you can use in researching for hashtags, including:

  • Twitter Toolbar- You can search keywords, terms, or people by using the toolbar located at the top right page on Twitter. For example, if you are a soap manufacturer, you can find conversations about soap by typing #soap in the Twitter search field.
  • org – help businesses with their research needs. This organization also helps people with their social networking strategies.
  • Twitter Reach
  • Topsy
  • Social Mention

8. Promote your Twitter ID in your other social networking accounts.

Publish your Twitter ID on your other Digital Marketing accounts and communications. It is a good idea to include your Twitter ID in your email signature. You can also publish your Twitter ID on your Facebook account and your website. One way to build your Twitter following is to start with your current clients and other people you know.

9. Use Twitter tools like Tweepi and Insightpool to target people who may want to follow you.

The best way to build your Twitter network is to create content that targets people who may be interested to “follow” you. You can use tools like Tweepi, Insightpool, Twtrland, and Twitonomy to target interested Twitter users.

10. Follow the “follow first” rule.

When you follow people on Twitter, they are most likely interested in following you. The “follow first” rule is one of the great ways to gain followers. Remember that every account can only follow up to 2000 users, so choose to follow the ones who are more likely to be interested in following your account.

Do not fall for offers that claim that they can gain you more followers in a short period. What usually happens is that your account will be followed by dummy accounts that are not maintained by actual users. That will not gain you any leads. Even though it may look good that the number of your followers is quite high, that number can quickly diminish when Twitter cleans up these dummy accounts.

11. Follow the “offer-following” rule.

You can gain Twitter followers by offering something to the users in exchange for following your Twitter account. You can give away some valuable information or an ebook. It is important to note that you have to give something that is valuable to your audience. Also, make it easy for your followers to claim their rewards.

12. Follow the “favorites-follower” rule.

13. Find Tweets that match your targeted keywords and your interests.

Favorite these tweets and usually, these Twitter users will return the favor by following your Twitter account. This will give you more engaged and high-quality followers. Research first before you tweet.

It is very crucial to research first before you post something on Twitter. You have to make sure that your tweets are accurate and interesting. There are lots of false information floating around on the Internet. It is especially easy to fall for something that many people are hyping. Case in point, many users fall for “celebrity Twitter deaths” where tweets about the supposed death of a famous personality are shared the news of the death starts trending. Many of these would eventually be proven to be false.

14. Create original content that serves your purpose.

Your tweets have to be original, interesting and engaging. It must also serve your purpose. Write about product updates or industry news. You can also tweet links that direct your Twitter followers to the most recent posts on your blog or your website.

15. Resend tweets.

Digital Marketing marketing experts agree that you have to send a tweet at least four times to cover the different time zones. But, of course, you have to resend the tweets in different angles. You can mix the word up or restructure your sentences.

16. Schedule your tweets.

Studies show that the best time to post tweets if you want to be retweeted is Friday at 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

There are applications that you can use to schedule your tweets like the Buffer App Tool. You can also use Buffer’s Analytic tab to monitor your Twitter engagement.

17. Retweet great content.

One of the things that you can do is to retweet great content. Doing this will help you accomplish two things:

  • It shows your Twitter followers that you are an active member of the community.
  • It helps you make friends with other Twitter influencers.

You can also re-tweet posts about your products that other users have tweeted about. Some users will tweet about business just hoping that they will re-tweet or favorite the post.

18. Repost your tweets on your Facebook and other Digital Marketing accounts.

It is best to repost your tweets on your Facebook and other Digital Marketing accounts when it is appropriate.

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