Is a destroyer person good to hire? Qi Men Dun Jia | #qimen

Is a destroyer person good to hire?

If a person has a destroyer personality, are they good to hire them?

A lot of people think destroyer people are hard to work with because they change their personalities all the time. There is a lot of bad energy in them, whether internal or external. But there is also a feature of destroyer properties that we need to talk about.

Destroyer is considered a bad symbol in Chinese culture. However itself is also considered a pillar, so a person with this personality is also considered a good pillar.

If you want to hire this person as an employee then they will become the backbone of the company. They will be able to do it all, they will make a difference in your company.

They will even be the most productive people in your company. If you can manage the constant change in the personality of the person with the destroyer character. They will love the challenge, so if you keep them, they will be the ones to change your company for good and bad because they are the mainstay. In another direction, they will also be the breadwinners bringing the family’s economy.

So good or bad depends on how you orient and think. In good symbols there will always be bad and in bad symbols there will always be good. Just how you control it in this Qi Men Dun Jia.

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