Is this a good time to find a job? Apply Open Door Qimen Chart Reading to see the possible results

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Hello, welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia. My name is Dougles Chan. I am a Qimen teacher internationally, and I am going to share with you one case study related to finding a job. In this case, Grace asked if it was a good time to find a new job now. It is on August 8, 2021. That means that at that time, Grace informed and asked whether this was a good time to look for a job. August 2021 is actually a COVID situation. It may not be very good timing, but let’s look at the chart and see what the chart is telling us.

This is anything related to the job. We have to take a look at this particular symbol called

Open Door, so anything related to a job is called Open Door. It is in box 7:

Before we look at Open Door, let’s look at what is the information that is provided. As we know, the answer is in the Hour Stem:

The symbol is Wu, so let’s refer to Wu which is in box 3.

In this case, we are looking at White Tiger, Obstruct, and Destroyer. There is also a circle which is an Emptiness, which means we will need to take reference or box 3 only 20% to 30%. So, in order to find the correct answer, we need to take reference to the opposite box which is box 7:

Box 7 is actually the answer which is about 60% to 70%. In box 7, we have Leader, Open, and Impulse. Box 7 is also the trigrams of Dui palace, which is something with a smiley face and something good. Technically, box 7 is the answer. And the Open Door is also in box 7. Open Door is the best door to be associated with. At the same time, Leader is also the best symbol to be associated with. Of course, there’s an Impulse Star, which is not so great but Open Door and Leader are 2 big pillars to be supportive in this aspect.

Next, we will need to look at where the person (Grace) is. She is in the Day Stem:

This symbol is Ren. So, we take reference to Ren. In this aspect, Ren is in box 6 and box 7.

We have Leader, Open, and Impulse in box 7. They tell us that she is very happy and open. She’s also a good leader, but of course sometimes she can be very impulsive. And together with the answer (box 7), it’s in harmony. At the same time, if you take a look at Open Door which signifies the job and opportunity. This Open Door is the reference point, which means we do not take into account the energy of the Open Door. Technically, we just take reference to Leader and Impulse.

So, there are three things. One is the person involved, which is box 7. One is the answer which is box 3 and box 7 (Box 7 is 60% to 70%, box 3 is 30%of the energy). Another thing is the Open Door with a symbol of Leader and Impulse. Overall, it is not too bad. End of the the day for this particular job is in this divination case ( Grace wanted to ask us whether it is a good time to find a job on August 2), I would dare to say that it is pretty okay. She can try to find a job now because it’s a very critical situation in 2021 under the COVID situation.

Moving forward, we have received the news that Grace has actually applied for a job and she has been successfully interviewed by another company. And she has moved on to another company in this case. So, we congratulate her on this aspect and hope that she will enjoy this particular new job and that everything will be okay.

For Qi Men Dun Jia, we are able to use divination or Qimen forecasting to see in terms of timing if he is able to find a new job. But of course, sometimes certain timing in the chart is not good, so we will advise the person to say that this is probably going to be a very bad timing, because at the end of the day, it’s not a very good thing to happen. Anyhow, let’s look further. I mean, I will teach you something extra in this aspect. So, in these particular nine boxes, we also have a month. Which month is good for finding a job? January, February, and March are in box 3. May and June are in box 3. July is in box 9. August and September are in box 2. October is in box 7, etc. So, the best time to find a job is somewhere around October. That means, in terms of timing, although this chart is telling us that it’s a good time to find a job, the best energy if she wants to find a job will be two months later, somewhere around October. So, of course, the result is that she is able to find a job. You know, and at the same time, the chart is able to tell us when is the best date in terms of the month to go into. Of course, we can go on the date, but there will be something very deep that we will cover in the other lessons. Thanks for reading.

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