4 Main Benefits you will enjoy as a Microsoft Reseller

A Microsoft reseller is an authorized partner through which Microsoft delivers its products such as software to end users. Once becomes a Microsoft reseller by joining through the website of Network Partners for Microsoft (MPN). This is an excellent opportunity to become an authorized distributor and earn a constant flow of income. Once you become a Microsoft reseller, you will gain access to training that Microsoft offers about its products. You will also benefit from the promotions that Microsoft runs on the offers of its products. Microsoft will give the opportunity to develop, to differentiate your business, to grow your business, and gain access to resources.

Opportunities for development

As a Microsoft reseller, you will have the chance to develop. With unlimited access to and free support from the technical team, you will have an opportunity to connect with other Microsoft resellers that are in business just like you. The development opportunity will help you increase your knowledge about the products that Microsoft offers together with their services through the Microsoft Partner University. If you desire to build apps and explore new cloud computing workloads, then this is the opportunity. The Microsoft Regional Service Center (RSC) will always be within reach to respond to your concerns with its live support agents. The development program will also enable you to build your technical strengths to increase sales.

Differentiate your business

Distinguish your business as a Microsoft reseller and reach out to new customers. Microsoft offers a competency logo opportunity through which you can create your business logo to gain more recognition before your customers. Your business will access an exclusive marketing list reserved only for Microsoft partners through referrals. Such lists increase the potential of increase customer leads through the customized material for marketing your business. Accessing templates, campaign and digital materials easy to customize will make brighten your marketing experience.

Raise your revenues

You are seeking to raise revenues as a Microsoft reseller. Microsoft is aware that you desire to maximize your return on investment. It provides special offers, product and service promotions, and incentives to help you maximize your sales revenue. Only Microsoft resellers are eligible for in-house business growth opportunities. Irrespective of your business niche, you will find the incentives that Microsoft offers its partners profitable and tailored to your benefit such as enterprise licensing that gives your opportunity to expand your business. More business means more growth, hence more revenues, and profits.

Access useful resources

Microsoft provides payment solutions to its resellers that make it easy for customers to acquire products and services. As a Microsoft reseller, you desire to rationalize your process of making sales through the generation of more quotes. You can use the services of generating leads that Microsoft provides to reach out to more customers. Microsoft payment solutions will free your customers from the stress of using credit lines and conserving their cash for other business needs.

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