Buying from Microsoft resellers

This article will tackle topic of buying from Microsoft resellers and if that is a good or not choice to go for, as well as what exactly are they.

First of all, lets explain what and who are Microsoft resellers. Microsoft makes deals with authorized distributors and software resellers so they can reach its end-customers. Small, and also some bigger, businesses become official reseller knowing it can be a stream of steady income. The process of becoming a software reseller is not that hard and is usually done through online signing up. Besides being software resellers companies can opt to be a reseller for Microsoft devices and accessories as well. The number of Microsoft partners is big and some of them are well known like Amazon, Walmart or Best Buy. Questions that come up when talking about resellers is whether is it better to buy directly from Microsoft or go for one of the authorized distributors and which option saves more money.

For research this time we will look at Canadian partners and compare prices of Office 365. As we all know, Microsoft loves making multiple versions of the same product. On their official site you can find prices ranging from CAD $79 to even up to CAD $169, but they also offer yearly plans. Now, lets have a look at mentioned resellers, that include Amazon, Walmart, The Source among others. Both Walmart and Best Buy offeryou this product at same price so it comes down to which one you choose. On the other side, on Amazon and you can find these products for great value of money as these sites provide discount. Since products go about certain price, Amazon even offers you free shipping if you choose to go for hard copies instead of digital ones. There are of course more sites besides these. Another thing to mention is that you can find products also be find in local stores, not only online.

This shows that buying from Microsoft reseller has its good points. What should be checked before buying is if these shops provide support. Maybe only thing that can got to con part of pros and cons is that no one site offers yearly plan. Some people decide to go with paying certain amount of money every month for a year other than giving not so small amount at one moment. If you have opted for one of the stores or sites that sell Microsoft software or devices it is important to check if it is validated by Microsoft themselves as there can be many unauthorized sellers with unoriginal content.

I hope this article explains well what Microsoft resellers are and help in selecting a way of buying Microsoft products.

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